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Tale of the Tape-Coke vs. Pepsi

For decades the “cola wars” have been waged. There are Coke people, there are Pepsi people. There are even fans of both (Someone explain that one to me!). Here now is the Tale of the Tape: Coke Vs. Pepsi…

Company Look

Coke: Same Coca-Cola in cursive on a red background that’s been there forever.

Pepsi: Like Madonna, its look has been reinvented time and time again,sometimes to something not all of us like, but still in blue and red!


The Cherry

Coke: Cherry Coke, a substance that has churned my stomach a time or two since the early 2000s

Pepsi: WILD Cherry Pepsi. A yummy substance that makes my stomach happy so long as I haven’t had a big meal with it, otherwise here comes the heartburn…


Served At

Coke-McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Carl’s Jr.,Del Taco, Jack in the Box

Pepsi-KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Wienerschnitzel, Arby’s,Panda Express


One-Time Slogan

Coke- Can’t beat the real thing!

Pepsi- The Choice of a New Generation

Advantage-Pepsi (for me, that slogan spoke the truth as I was a part of that one time “new generation”)

Favorite Mistakes

Coke- New Coke

Pepsi- Pepsi Blue


Bring Back…

Coke- Surge

Pepsi- Crystal Pepsi

Advantage- Pepsi (As an 11 year old I really liked it and would again as a 30 year old!)

Sex Appeal

Coke- The contour bottle has curves,baby!

Pepsi- Young and fun!


Going Old School?

Coke- Nope

Pepsi- Yep


Use of Santa Claus

Coke-During the holiday season where he’s in tip-top shape

Pepsi-They get him during the summer which is basically Santa’s offseason


The One You Can Expect to See with the Sports Geek himself

Coke- Only if I am somewhere that serves it by default

Pepsi- Yes, Yes, Yes!


So the choice of a new generation and newer generations, Pepsi, edges Coke just barely. Cheer up, Coke fans, Santa Claus is coming in just 10 short months. That does it for another edition of Tale of the Tape, we’ll see you next time!

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  1. I am actually one of those fans of both Coke and Pepsi. My fridge is stoked with both. I grew up on Coke, but Pepsi has served equally well for me. I do drink Pepsi a bit more than Coke, however. Thus I give the edge to Pepsi too. However, Coca Cola has the Coca Cola Store which is awesome. I’m sure Pepsi may have something kind similar, but Coke is way more branded and that is awesome. I was stoked in the Coca Cola store in Vegas, no lie. And that in itself is classy too.

  2. I can drink Coke to an extent. I will have it if I’m at say Denny’s or any sit down place that serves it, or if it comes out of a fountain. Rarely will you see me with a bottle of Coke. I just grew up around Pepsi, my dad always bought it, we always drank it. I just love the stuff even though it’s probably done more harm than good to my teeth. Just like when I was smoking, I gotta brush after every one now,it’s crazy!

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