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T.J. the Sports Geek’s 2013 MLB Preview


American League


Toronto Blue Jays (92-70)
Tampa Bay Rays (89-73)
Baltimore Orioles (84-78)
New York Yankees (80-82)
Boston Red Sox (69-93)

Overview: The Blue Jays look like they have finally got the right players to make a run at not only the playoffs, but the World Series. My concern is that most of them came from the Miami Marlins,a team that won only 69 games last year. Tampa Bay is always in the conversation, they’re always a competitive bunch,but will they be able to get the job done without B.J. Upton? The O’s had a great surprise season last year,but with so many one-run games they won last year,I am not sure they can keep it going offensively to get back into the playoffs. The Yankees in my view are slipping. They’re old and injured and this may hurt them quite a bit this year. The Red Sox need to prove that last year was a fluke and with manager John Farrell they will have that chance.


Detroit Tigers (93-69)
Chicago White Sox (86-76)
Cleveland Indians (81-81)
Kansas City Royals (74-88)
Minnesota Twins (63-99)

Overview: The Tigers have this division on lock and have for the past couple of years, they should contend for another World Series run. The White Sox had a pretty good year with first year manager Robin Ventura, I think they will look to contend for a playoff spot or fall just short. The Indians under Terry Francona will definitely improve and win a lot more than they have in recent years. The Royals need to continue to grow their top talent in order to be something. The Twins, well, they still have Joe Mauer.


Anaheim Angels (96-66)
Texas Rangers (88-74) 
Oakland Athletics (87-75)
Seattle Mariners (75-87)
Houston Astros (50-112)

Overview: The Angels have loaded up on talent and snatched Josh Hamilton up. With Albert Pujols and Hamilton, the Angels look to do what they should have the last two seasons: win the division. The Rangers had trouble winning the division last year and may fall short of doing that again this year. The A’s look to repeat as division champions, but will Billy Beane keep the right people there to do it? He’s always a seller so you never know. Mariners fans are hoping lightning will somehow strike this year, it’s probably not happening,though. The Astros have switched to the AL and being the Lastros has yet to change. 

National League


Washington Nationals (101-61)
Atlanta Braves (96-66)
Philadelphia Phillies (86-76)
Miami Marlins (72-90)
New York Mets (67-95)

Overview: The Nationals look like they’ll be really good again, the only thing standing in their way may be the Braves who loaded up on not one,but two Upton brothers in free agency. They will look to contend for the division and a championship as well. The Phillies look like they might be back after a down season, but they’re in a loaded division now than it was a few years ago when they owned it.The Marlins will actually win a few more games than they did with all the star talent they had last year. The Mets, well, they will be hosting the All-Star Game this year.


Cincinnati Reds (95-67)
St. Louis Cardinals (91-71)
Milwaukee Brewers (83-79)
Pittsburgh Pirates (80-82)
Chicago Cubs (62-100)

Overview: The Reds still look like a very good team that is ready to build on the success they had last year. The Cardinals always are in the conversation no matter who is managing the team or playing for it. They keep doing their thing. The Brewers look to regroup after a bad 2012 season. The Pirates are a team I always expect to turn the corner, I think we’ll still be waiting another year. The Cubs may be wishing the Astros were still in the NL Central so that they would take last place instead of them.


San Francisco Giants (96-66)
Los Angeles Dodgers (92-70)
San Diego Padres (82-80)
Arizona Diamondbacks (76-86)
Colorado Rockies (69-93)

Overview: The World Champion Giants are looking to repeat and I see no reason to count them out. Almost everyone is back from last year’s squad and this team displays time and time again the inability to give up. The Dodgers have continued to buy everyone possible to put together a run at a title. The Padres will definitely be better than last season but will a playoff push be possible? Only time will tell. The Diamondbacks have not been keeping enough talent around to try and win and they may struggle this year. The Rockies will also keep struggling.

MLB Wild Card

Atlanta over L.A. Dodgers
Tampa Bay over Texas


Washington over Atlanta
San Francisco over Cincinnati


Anaheim over Tampa Bay
Toronto over Detroit


San Francisco over Washington

Anaheim over Toronto

World Series


San Francisco over Anaheim



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  1. Very interesting. I agree with most of that but I give the edge to Toronto into making into the World Series. But I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a repeat of the last World Series either though.

    • Yeah,same here. I still need to be sold on Toronto a little bit,though. Maybe it’s because of history or maybe it’s because those same players who were with the Marlins last year didn’t get them anywhere.

  2. Well T, I smell a bit of Giants homer-ism there. But they may do it again if they can get past a very good Dodgers team. I would switch the O’s and the Rays around as the Rays lost some top end talent. I agree with the Washington pick and they could go all the way if they let Strasburg finish the season and he stays healthy, Their pitching staff is the real thing. Atlanta I don’t see making the playoffs. The Reds should take their division, but who knows what the Cards will do. They can score but you never know about their pitching. Tigers will be back atop their division, but I am picking the Royals to finish second. They traded for James Shields of the Rays and signed a couple of other decent starters. They could always hit so I am picking them to will 88 games. My pick is the Tigers over the Dodgers in the world series.

  3. No homerism here, just my honest opinion on how the season will go. If I didn’t think the Giants could do it again,I would definitely say so (See: My 2012 predictions). The Dodgers need to put their money what their mouth is with this team. I like the Rays’ chances more than the O’s because Joe Maddon continually reinvents his team no matter who is there or who isn’t there. The Orioles won too many one run games last year to my liking to have them finish second this season. As for KC, I have to see them finishing in second to believe it. The White Sox had a decent season under Robin Ventura and I like their chances to try and make the playoffs. The Indians have Terry Francona, that man can manage a team really well and I can’t help but think they can improve with him managing alone. You’re right about the Nats’ needing Strasburg the entire way,his being shut down last season really hurt them in October.

  4. Trav…
    Somehow I just don’t feel like Anaheim is going to be the team that will face us at the end of the year…I’m thinking that the A’s have what it takes to prevail in the long run, and that indeed we will be looking at a Bay area Series yet again… We’ll see…

    • I actually do think the Halos are more legit than the A’s. They have three damn good hitters in Trout, Pujols,and now Hamilton. It’s hard to bet against that even though they are lacking in starting pitching. The A’s didn’t really add anyone to keep up with not only the Angels but also the Rangers who are still in the conversation as well. The A’s also don’t quite have the pitchers,either. There’s also that feeling that Billy Beane will have another fire sale if things start to sour for the team rather than keep them together to get through adversity. Also,will fans show up? We’ll see!

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