Top Eight Things Overheard at Devo Day 2013 at Six Flags Marine World

From the home office of T.J. the Sports Geek in downtown Orangevale,Calif.





Top Eight Things Overheard At Devo Day at Marine World 2013

8. “OK,that’s either a gigantic Daffy Duck or I’ve taken way too much Zicam!”

7. “You really waited a half hour in line to eat that? Bless your damn heart!”

6. “Who said you were allowed to sleep on the way here?”

5. “Wow, it’s Walter White! I didn’t know he was such a big hockey fan!”

4. “Tailgating here at 5am was the best idea ever!”

3. “Lose weight now,ask me how!”

2. “The weather today is gorgeous,but not as gorgeous as CBS 13 anchor Christina Anderson!”

1. “So the wait time for Medusa is down to four hours? Let’s do this!”

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