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I want winners!

OilersFollowing the Oilers’ 6-0 loss to Nashville Friday night, their fifth straight, I felt it was time for me to vent.

First off, this fucking sucks! I thought this team would do a hell of a lot better than this. How many times does a team get the number one overall pick before things start to improve? Well,for this team it’s looking like three going on four.

Just for the record, I am not blaming the players per se as to why things haven’t improved. They’re certainly doing all that they can in the worst of circumstances. I think it’s because upper management hasn’t made the best personnel decisions in terms of obtaining big name free agents or even a coach that has had experience. In case Oilers general manager Steve Tambellini is reading this, Lindy Ruff is available.

I absolutely have a lot of passion for this team, not so much for what they are now, but what they have potential to be in the future. I like that there’s a ton of young talent on this team, but if they aren’t making the best progress that they can, then there’s no reason for hope or to get your hopes up anytime soon for a playoff berth. It seems like all it would take to change that around is better goaltending and defense and possibly more coaching.

I’m not asking them to win a Stanley Cup. I just want them to be a goddamn eight seed for christ’s sake. Give the fans a reason to believe things are going to fucking get better, give them a reason to plan on growing playoff beards in April. The fans are not happy with how this team is playing as of late. They’re 1-5 on this current nine game road trip (by the way,who’s fucking idea was that to have them on a road trip that lasts so fucking long?) and the longer they’ve been on the road, the worse they’ve gotten. If anything, this road trip destroyed any chance for the Oilers to not only be in playoff contention,but any confidence the fans have in the team the rest of this season and possibly beyond and for a young team such as this,that’s not good.

Overall, we Oilers fans have had enough of getting our hopes up for a team that isn’t doing what it should be: winning. As Mike Singletary once said “I want winners!”.

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