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T.J. the Sports Geek’s Predictions for 2013


We do this every year on the Geek blog. Last year I got three and a half predictions correct. Here is what I am predicting for 2013!

LakersThe Los Angeles Lakers and Oakland Athletics will miss the postseason

The Los Angeles Lakers have gotten off to a bad start and for the first time in their history are not the team in A'sL.A. that everyone talks about now that the Clippers have become what the Lakers once were. The Clippers are young and exciting while the Lakers are geriatric and bad. They might squeak in as an eighth seed but I doubt it. It’s just not looking good for them this year.

As for the Oakland A’s, 2012 seems like it might be a fluke year to me. Eventually Billy Beane is going to get trade happy and do what he always does, trade talented pieces away in exchange for guys who won’t get them back to a postseason berth or puts asses in the seats.

music_notesA music group or solo artist will release an album entitled Binders Full of Women

By this I mean not just a song but an entire album with that title. I am sure someone who had no love for Mitt Romney whatsoever will do this. That line that Romney uttered in the second debate was absolutely hilarious and it needs to be the name of an album.

Tortillas will make a comebacktortillas

I have noticed that nobody eats tortillas anymore,especially at Chipotle. Me,I love them.

I always try and have at least one thing on this list make a comeback and I was dead right with watches making a comeback, I am hoping that tortillas will be that thing that comes soaring back into society somehow.

sacramento-kings-logoThe Sacramento Kings will move

I have no idea where they will move to,but I think this is the last season of the Kings being in Sacramento. The team isn’t any good, their star player has yet to mature, they play in an arena that’s old and half empty,and their ownership group is loathed throughout the city,but I guess that’s what happens when you shit on a perfectly good arena deal.

If they don’t move I will be pretty surprised because if they’re not putting together any plans to build an arena here, what good are they doing staying put?

Ryan SeacrestRyan Seacrest will vanish

I predicted that Guy Fieri would vanish and that didn’t even come close to happening. Maybe we will try with Ryan Seacrest. I guess the reason why is because he has like 17 jobs and he is dating Julianne Hough when she and I were supposed to get married.
Maybe if he vanishes I can have her instead and maybe one of his eight radio shows that he does. That would be cool.

Every day in 2013 will contain at least one news story about Katt WilliamsKatt_Williams_mugshot_1

Katt Williams has been in the news so much as of late that I think every day this year there will be one news story about him every day. I am probably wrong about this one but wouldn’t it be cool if I was right?

FacebookEverybody’s political Facebook posts and tweets will continue to suck

I understand that everyone has a view about politics,even me. Generally I try to keep them to myself because first of all,nobody cares what I think. Second of all, political posts get annoying whether I agree with them or not.

I get it,you’re a Republican. You hate Obama. You wish you could click your heels and wind up in a country where he isn’t President. Now move on!

I don’t need to read your six daily posts about how much you don’t like the guy. They kinda suck and as long as you post them they will continue to.

ggbI will finally cross the Golden Gate Bridge

In my nearly 31 years of existence I have never been over this famous American landmark. I have been over the Bay Bridge, but it’s a pretty boring bridge. It’s too long and it’s too gray. Add some color to that thing,yo!

Anyways adding to my long streak of never crossing the Golden Gate is that I hate driving over bridges. I am no longer afraid to, it’s just a bother in some cases, but I think I will finally cross this bridge when I come to it.

GleeThe following shows will be canceled: Glee, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,and Bob’s Burgers


I have never liked any of these shows and I have only seen one of them. Glee was good when it was called Fame in the 1980s. You can’t sing away your problems, high school kids.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is just not a good show. Not only that but it sparks a lot of ire in people. If there is a positive from it, if Honey Boo Boo’s mom is dateable, anyone is. BOOM!

Bob’s Burgers is unfunny and they never feature any of the burgers on the show. Why? Isn’t the show called Bob’s Burgers? I don’t understand!

popeyesA Popeye’s will open near my house

This is my King of Wishful Thinking prediction. I absolutely love Popeye’s chicken. It is delicious and if I had to pick between them and KFC, Popeye’s wins hands down. The only problem is that it is 10 miles from my house (the nearest location). If the mayor of Popeye’s is reading this, can you build one near my house? Please?

There are plenty of great locations to build one. Why not where the McDonald’s by my house used to be? It’s just a grassy area with fence around it, I’d think that would be a great spot. Just put one that’s less than 10 miles from where I live,that would be great!

Happy New Year!


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