Tale of the Tape-Winter vs. Summer




When it comes to weather, people prefer it one of two ways, warm or cold, there is no in-between (you’re lying to yourself if you think otherwise). I myself like it cold winter weather, but is it really better when it comes down to it? Which season really has the edge? We examine it in this edition of Tale of the Tape!


Winter- Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day

Summer- Independence Day and Labor Day



Winter-Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Summer-Pink Lemonade


Play Toys

Winter-Riding a snowmobile through the snow

Summer-Riding a waverunner across a lake (The two girls in the picture are hot!)
Advantage-Summer (I haven’t been on a snowmobile yet, so summer wins by default!)

Standard Attire

Winter-Scarves, Sweatshirts,Jackets,Beanies and Boots

Summer-Sandals, Shorts,and T-Shirts



Winter-Football,Basketball,and Hockey

Summer-Baseball and that’s it!



Winter-Being able to see your breath

Summer-Being able to get a tan
Advantage-Winter (The kid inside of me still gets a kick out of that!)

Way to Beat The Inclement and/or Insufficient Weather

Winter-Fire in the Fireplace

Summer-Swimming Hole

Advantage-Summer (Who doesn’t love to cool off?)

It gets dark at…



Advantage-Push While it’s nice to have extra daylight in the summertime, by October it gets to be old.


Winter- Christmas Lights


Advantage-Winter (The Sports Geek is unable to enjoy fireworks due to medical reasons)

Season That Contains The Sports Geek’s Birthday

Summer- Nope


So when it comes down to it, Winter has the clear advantage. Summer may have the warmer weather,but the colder months have more going for them. That does it for another edition of Tale of the Tape!

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