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Buying a championship is not always a winning formula

Before Giants fans start panicking about the Dodgers re-loading their roster with Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford,and Josh Beckett, consider this.

Loading your roster with superstar talent in order to win a championship isn’t always a guarantee. Let me give you a few examples.

First off, Giants fans, your 2010 team beat a roster full of talent. That’s right, the Texas Rangers had a very talented roster that couldn’t get it done. Guys like Josh Hamilton, Michael Young, Cliff Lee, and C.J. Wilson didn’t (and have yet to) win a World Series. Those guys minus Lee failed again a year later.

Let’s also look at the Evil Empire, that’s right,the New York Yankees, who from 2001 to 2008 had a $200 million roster that did not win a World Series, sure they went there twice, but there’s a big difference between just getting there and winning it all, ask the Texas Rangers. Time and time again the “experts” would pick the Yankees because they had a talented roster. I can’t say I blame them because they were talented and still attract it, but for eight years they proved to the baseball world that you could still come up short no matter how much talent you have.

If this isn’t enough to convince you, consider this. Gonzalez has never made the postseason and Crawford failed to win a ring in Tampa Bay in 2008, not to mention their time in Boston was not successful. The Red Sox backed out of the playoff race last season and proved this year that Terry Francona wasn’t the problem after all. Not to say that they were,either, but with their talent and a little discipline in that clubhouse we just might be seeing the Red Sox in the pennant race instead of the cellar of the American League East holding a fire sale. If those two guys couldn’t help a talented roster of players the Red Sox had get to a championship, what makes anyone think they can bring one to Los Angeles?

Still not enough to convince you,consider this. Don Mattingly never made the playoffs as a player. Mattingly played for the Yankees between 1982-1995. The Yankees made no postseason appearances during that time. They did in 1981 before he got there and in 1996 after he retired,but not during his great career. I’m not saying Mattingly wasn’t a great player,I’m saying he doesn’t know what it takes to win in October, he never did it.

I may have hit the panic button a little early when Cabrera’s suspension was announced. That was partly in fear that the team couldn’t recover from a big offensive loss like Cabrera. It turns out they can and have done very well with his absence. Don’t give up on this team’s playoff chances or this team’s chances of winning this division. They have done fine without Brian Wilson, they’re doing great without Melky Cabrera, I think they’ll be just fine with the team they have with a Dodgers team that’s desperate nipping at their heels.

In a way,I love that the Dodgers are trying to buy a championship, it shows they’re not as confident as the Giants. The Giants are a pretty confident bunch and it would thrill me to my core if they can hold off a team that is not only loathed by the fans,but got too desperate they had to buy a roster.

This race is far from over,Giants fans, enjoy the home grown roster you have that’s won a title for you already, it just feels more genuine anyway.

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    • You are right,I stand corrected. Still, look at where his team is now and look at where the Giants are right now. That’s a nine game lead in the division that the Dodgers tried to buy and have not only failed,but have failed miserably. If the Dodgers think they can just be the Yankees of the West, it’s not going to work that way. More money doesn’t always equate into more wins.

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