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Virginia Beach? No, Inevitable relocation? Yes

Rumors have once again surrounding the Sacramento Kings and a possible move. This time to Virginia’s largest city.

The Hampton Roads Business Journal,based in Norfolk, Va. reported that the team is supposedly in talks with officials from Comcast to possibly move the team to Virginia Beach, Comcast would build them an arena and become their broadcast partner. The Maloof family is denying the report.

Many will remember that the team and the city of Sacramento had a deal to build a new arena downtown, then ownership backed out of the deal saying there never was one. The team has also been linked to other cities to relocate to. Those cities include Anaheim, Seattle,and Louisville.

I think many Kings fans and basketball fans in Sacramento just want the nightmare to be over. Some will care if the team leaves,but in reality the team hasn’t played any meaningful basketball in over six years, they haven’t been to the playoffs since the firing of Rick Adelman, and ownership isn’t spending much to make the team competitive as it needs to be with all of the superteams the NBA has. We pretty much know that there won’t be any feasable arena deal to be cooked up anytime soon. The best option the city (and really the team) had fell through after it was “agreed” upon a couple months prior.

So,what’s left for the team to do? We all know that the Maloofs aren’t crazy about still staying in that old barn in Natomas and if there’s no immediate arena deal (and there isn’t a sign of that happening at all anytime soon) and that there’s no love lost between Kevin Johnson and the Maloof family. Their next step is to find the highest bidder. 

I do feel the Kings are ultimately going to leave Sacramento and go elsewhere,but not Virginia Beach. The reason being is because there isn’t even an arena there they can play in right now even temporarily. It would take a good five to six years before one is even ready for an NBA or NHL team would be able to move there. It’s probably not wrong that Comcast and other officials would like to build an arena in Virginia Beach, I just don’t think the Kings are interested in moving there. It’s easy to stick the Kings on to a rumor because of their near move to Anaheim last year and other aforementioned moves that were rumored to other cities.

This isn’t the first rumored move we’ve heard about regarding the Kings and it won’t be last. I do feel that the last one will ultimately be the place they next call home.

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