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Watching First Take is a great mis-take

There are many sports talk shows out there on television, some good,some bad, and then there is ESPN First Take, which is completely unwatchable (People who are fans on my Facebook page know how much I have disliked this show).

If you’re familiar with the show,it used to be a show that was like a sports version of the Today show with the debate topics known as 1st and 10 interspliced with the show. The 1st and 10 segments featured Skip Bayless (more on him in a moment) and someone else (or others in some cases) and they debate him on different topics of the day. Then they scrapped the Today show format and just made it two hours of debating sports,and it’s not really even about debating sports anymore,the show is pretty much based on talking about Tim Tebow to no end (who Bayless loves) and LeBron James to no end (who Bayless hates). To be honest,it’s become downright disgusting,specifically Bayless’ love for Tebow.

Skip Bayless screaming about something stupid...again!


I tuned in a couple weeks ago when Stephen A. Smith was debating Bayless and they spent over an hour, yes,an hour, talking about how Tebow can’t throw a football and how Mark Sanchez should feel threatened about his status as the starting quarterback of the New York Jets. An hour? Really? Keep in mind, this is a two hour show,folks, and they spend more than half of it talking about a mediocre quarterback who’s currently second on the Jets’ depth chart.

I also just can’t stand Skip Bayless. Not that Stephen A. Smith is any better, but at least I can stomach him. Bayless is just way too much to take. If you think his slurping of Tebow is bad, you should see the despise he has for LeBron James. I’m not the biggest James fan, but I don’t hate the guy because he isn’t Michael Jordan like Bayless does. If he isn’t Jordan, he is dead to Bayless. He will always hate James even if he were to save a bunch of children from a burning bus, Bayless will find something about him to criticize about the way he saved those children and will not give him credit for having done that good deed.

This show needs to be put out to pasture. It’s too dull,boring,and repetitive.

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