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It’s the same old story, same old song and dance with the A’s

New year, new players, same old A’s team that can’t draw a crowd.

Last Friday at their American home opener against the Mariners (a 7-3 Mariners win), they had an announced crowd of 35,067. Apparantly fans have other and better things to do on the weekends because that number dropped the next game on Saturday to 16,612 (an 8-7 Mariners win), a decrease of 47-percent. Fast forward to Monday’s game against the Royals (a 1-0 A’s win) where they had an announced crowd of 10,054, although to many people that number was incorrect. Even to me that number seems generous.

Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News was in attendance and said it was the smallest crowd he had ever seen at the Coliseum. He also said the crowd couldn’t have been more than 2,000 people.

“A’s announced attendance: 10,054. Somehow I’ve missed about 8,000 of those people who supposedly are here,” said Kawakami on Twitter on Monday.

I haven’t and still don’t understand why A’s fans don’t go to games. I know a lot of A’s fans and many of them are very passionate about their team, but the fanbase as a whole,for whatever reasons, are very hesitant to see this team in person. Whether it be the stadium, the ever-changing roster, or staying away in protest because of the potential move to San Jose, fans are staying away more and more each year. Not even an exciting rookie from Cuba,Yoenis Cespedes, can get fans into the Coliseum turnstiles.

I’ve even asked my A’s fan friends why fans don’t go to games and I’m still waiting for a good answer (If any of them are reading, you should give me a response below!) . I hate to believe it’s a lack of interest of going for fans,but it could be and that’s disappointing. Personally,if I had more time to drive two hours to go see my favorite team play, I’d go every chance I could.

I know team ownership wants a new stadium in San Jose and they’re pretty much staying pat on not keeping good players or signing anyone of note to make this team any relevant until that happens, but at this point they’re banking on maybe, a big maybe. As long as the Giants have those South Bay territorial rights, the A’s will be playing in front of next to nobody, having continuous fire sales on their best players, and ownership will continue not giving a shit if fans come to the stadium or not as long as their saving money. Oh,and the Giants will continue selling out their stadium, signing their good players and contending for championships, just sayin…

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