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NBA,TNT continue their small market ignorance

In case you didn’t know, the Sacramento Kings played in front of a national audience at ARCO Arena against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday. The game was aired by TNT and the Kings were winners by a 106-101 score.

During the game, it was reported by the commentators, which included former Kings forward Chris Webber, that the Sacramento City Council voted down a deal for a downtown sports and entertainment complex,when in fact it was actually passed without ever putting it on any ballot. Even TNT sideline reporter Cheryl Miller interviewed mayor Kevin Johnson and asked him why it didn’t pass and Johnson corrected her by saying it had. The TNT broadcast team dismissed it as “spin”.

Now,I will say this,I unfortunately missed the game on Thursday due to a meeting,so I can only go off of what I’ve heard and seen after the fact. But I will say this,it goes to show you how little not only the league cares about it’s small market clubs, so do their national broadcasting partners. If this was happening to a big market team, I think TNT would have gone to more trouble to research to find out everything about the issue. But since in their minds it’s the lowly Sacramento Kings who they’re only televising once this year, they’re pretty much giving lip service to it to what they think they know. In this case, the crew at TNT was dead wrong and should know better than to print false information. If they had said this and then apologized for getting their facts incorrect, then this column doesn’t happen, Chris Webber doesn’t hang up on Grant Napear (or even go on his show in the first place), and nobody even talks about it a day later.

I agree with probably a lot of you, this should be a non-story. What should be talked about is how the Kings beat one of the best teams in the league, one that could even win it all this year, and how they’ve won four of their last five games and are slowly improving. Before I got home from work Friday night, that to me was the real story, not anymore. To me it’s a continued ignorance of a league that still has trouble embracing its small market clubs and it’s about time they started paying attention to them,and that struggle has been passed on to the people who bring you the games on the big time stage.

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