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TV Shows That Started Out Great But Went Bad

Like milk and sour cream, TV shows have such a short shelf life as far as being something of quality. Some shows start out great right out of the gate and get bad in a hurry. This is a list of those shows. 
10.Family Guy
It’s not all the way bad, but it is not getting any better. The first seasons were great, then when they came back from cancellation those years were pretty good,too. But lately it is getting pretty bland. With the loss of Cleveland from that show onto his show which is not always watchable and also the stupid storyline of Brian and Quagmire hating one another, the quality isn’t as good as before. I also think the show is starting to repeat too many cutaway gags, I know the show relies on them,and that’s fine. But how many times do I have to see the Conway Twitty cutaway gag, and for ten minutes? Wow, way to phone it in,Seth MacFarlane!
Also, having American Dad! (which sucks!), and the Cleveland Show to work on might be running the well dry for MacFarlane. Family Guy can be saved, but that would mean that American Dad! and The Cleveland Show would need to be canceled.
9. Friends
This show for a long time was great and had great characters and all that, but as the series went on and the cast got richer,the effort in their acting was very lost. The actors on the show might as well have been counting their money on set during each episode. Plus I hated the way Ross became wussier and wussier throughout the course of the show.
Another thing that bothered me was how hard it was to follow where everybody was living and who everybody was dating. Everybody kept moving and it was hard to figure out who was living with who, which was a big part of that show. 
8. In Living Color
This show was great with the Wayans family on it and having only two white people (Jim Carrey and Kelly Coffield) on the show. I even liked when Jamie Foxx was there,too. This is going to sound really bad and I hope I don’t offend anyone,but when they added all the white people onto the show is when it started to go downhill. Why were there so many white people on that show in the fifth season? Two was enough! And by the way if you haven’t seen pictures of me on this site before,I am white,so it’s okay for me to say that.
I just felt like the oomph left the show a little when the Wayans family left the show in the fourth season and when Carrey became a big movie star once Ace Ventura: Pet Detective came out towards the end of the series.
7. Dallas
This show should have ended once Patrick Duffy’s character Bobby Ewing was killed off. This show was really good when J.R. got shot and had staying power after that, but when Bobby Ewing died and they brought him back to life the next season with the previous season being a dream, it just ruined the show and it gave other shows an out in the future if they immensely screwed up. They are actually bringing this show back to television with its former cast and characters and it is going to suck! Just warning you now before it happens.
6. Happy Days
Happy Days for most of its run was pretty good, but then Ron Howard left the show and was replaced by Ted McGinley (of Revenge of the Nerds and Married…with Children fame). Fonzie jumping the shark in a leather jacket also didn’t help matters even though the show did last six more seasons following that episode.
I love the series altogether,in fact, they don’t make shows like this anymore, but it really did limp along the last few seasons. ABC should have put the show out of its misery in 1981 when they it seems like they canceled every show except them, Laverne and Shirley, and Three’s Company. 
5. Soap
When I was a kid and Comedy Central was first beginning, they reran the classic TV show Soap. It was a show that was ahead of its time in terms of raunchiness and what was taboo for TV. It was one of the first shows to feature a main character who was gay, Jodie Dallas, played by Billy Crystal. The show was very hilarious and still is. Sadly, after the original butler Benson, played by Robert Guillaume was spun off into his own show, the show wasn’t as good. Even when the hottest of the Tate daughters,Corinne, left, it was not as good and in 1981, it was canceled by ABC along with many others.
4. Press Your Luck
This was the quintessential 1980s game show. The best part of the show was seeing if a contestant landed on a Whammy that took all their winnings. This show,however, got to be quite worse when in 1984 Michael Larson, an unemployed ice cream man from Lebanon, Ohio, went on the show and won over $100,000 in cash and prizes. How did he do it? it’s simple, he recorded Press Your Luck and studied the patterns on the game board. CBS realized this once Larson won and decided to make the show’s game board more difficult to crack. Ratings suffered after this and the show left the air in 1986.
3. Bosom Buddies
The premise of the show is extremely brilliant! Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari playing two guys living in New York that need an affordable place to live, so in order to do that, they move into a hotel for women and dress up like women so their true identities are not revealed. The first season was fantastic,but when the series went on to season two and their true identities are revealed to the residents of the hotel and they are allowed to live there anyway, the show kind of got stale. Also, Tom Hanks’ character Kip and his love interest Sunny (played by Donna Dixon, wife of Dan Aykroyd) and the sexual tension was over when they hooked up and that kind of ruined it.
Yes,this series aired before my birth,but it was on in reruns once Hanks’ movie career blossomed and I still like it today,but the episodes in season two are ones I can’t watch.
2. Sesame Street
This show got to be bad two different times. The first time was when Elmo was introduced to the show. I cannot stand that hyper red muppet. He is too damn happy and he is and has been overexposed. After a while, this really became The Elmo Show.
The other time it went bad was when Cookie Monster became a vegetarian because too many parents complained about Sesame Street being a bad example for their kids by encouraging them to eat cookies all the time, which by the way,is a falsehood. We liked Cookie Monster the way he was. If it isn’t broke,don’t fix it. A lesson KNBR 680 has yet to learn,but that’s a totally different topic.
1. Saturday Night Live
This is a show that has gone back and forth, the cast from 1986-94 is my favorite cast ever with Dana Carvey, Jon Lovitz, Dennis Miller (before he was brainwashed),Mike Myers,Adam Sandler and so on. The 1995-2002 cast was great after a slow start.
Where it became stale for me was when they added Andy Samberg and Kristen Wiig to the cast. Samberg is not funny at all, his digital shorts are awful, anything he does doesn’t appeal to me at all. And Kristen Wiig with her awful impression of Kathie Lee Gifford just irritates me to every end. Also, the sketches go on too long and there are too many taped segments. It’s called Saturday Night LIVE!!! Stop taping your shitty digital shorts. And also, we want more of the sexy Abby Elliott, she is hardly ever on the show, show her more and give me her phone number.

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