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The Greatest Celebrity Mugshots of All Time

With all the celebrities getting in trouble these days, I thought we would get a look at some of the best and most entertaining mugshots that some have produced over the years. 
10.Wynonna Judd
In 2003, Judd was arrested for drunk driving following a traffic stop in Nashville. Once she was, this gem of a mugshot was released to the world.
I like this one because it doesn’t look like her. She looks like life beat the hell out of her as well as a cross between Carrot Top and the character from the movie Mask. I don’t have much else to say about this one, so let’s move onto the next one…
9.Gary Coleman
Four months before his death in 2010, Coleman was booked in a Utah county jail following a domestic dispute. He was released the following day. However, he did leave this planet with a very entertaining mugshot.
I like this one because of how pissed off and annoyed he looks as if to say “C’mon man, I didn’t do it. Would you let me the hell out of here?”
On a serious note, I feel bad for the way Coleman’s career went following Diff’ Rent Strokes and I can’t help but think that’s why his life ended so soon.
8. Lindsay Lohan
In July 2007, Lindsay Lohan was arrested for a DUI and went to rehab soon after.
I like this one because of how confused and out of it she looks. This one is low on the list not because it’s not a good one but because she has so many as of right now and she has the potential of topping it which she has yet to do. And if she does, she needs to stop cleaning herself up for them because that’s not entertaining, the 2007 one is.
7. Katt Williams
Here is why Richie Sambora’s mugshot did NOT make the list. Comedian Katt Williams offered up this mug shot following his 2009 arrest for breaking into someone’s home in Coweta County, Georgia and stealing more than $3,500 worth of coins and jewelry.
I like this one because of how happy and excited he looks and how battered he looks at the same time. It kinda says “I look like hell right now,but I am happy to be here, what’s up?”
This is the first of three smiling mugshots, one is coming up next and the other one is coming up later in this article.
6. James Brown
In 2004, James Brown was arrested and charged with domestic violence in Aiken County,South Carolina after allegedly pushing his wife to the floor.
The arrest brought out this batch of mugshot gold. I think this mugshot if fantastic because it shows the man we knew as a guy who always dressed pretty well as a battered mess. Look at the hair, look at what he is wearing. And is that a poncho he is wearing? Yikes!
The reason this did not crack the top five on our list is because this was a mulligan mug shot. They let him take another one where he looked good. NO! That’s not how it works!
5. Joyce DeWitt
Come on knock on our cell door, Joyce Dewitt’s mugshot is waiting for you.
The former Three’s Company star was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in El Segundo, California back in 2009. She was later released on $5,000 bail.
I like this one because nobody had seen or heard from Joyce DeWitt in like 25 years before this and also because she looks like she’s an alien. She looks as though she has come in peace with us. If the other four mugshots weren’t ahead of hers, I’d put her ahead of them, but she did make the top five.
4. Larry King
In 1971, the future CNN host was charged with grand larceny and taking money from a business partner. The charges were eventually dropped.
I like this one because of how sad and confused he looks. I like the sweet black glasses he has on in this picture,too. And where is the 1 from 1971 at on the sign he is holding? Did it fall off? Did they run out of 1’s? Whatever the case, this is pretty good!
3. Glen Campbell
In November 2003, the “Rhinestone Cowboy” singer was arrested for drunk driving after ramming into a car at an intersection in Phoenix. After being booked, he kneed an officer in the thigh. It is also rumoured that he whistled his hit song “Rhinestone Cowboy” while in custody.
I like the fury that comes out of his eyes in this one. This is the total opposite of how he used to look. When “Rhinestone Cowboy” became a hit, he looked pleasant. That does not describe him here. His hair is a mess, he looks like he wants to knee another cop, it’s all bad but as far as mugshots go,this one’s all good. 
2. Bill Gates
The third mugshot that features a smile has arrived. Microsoft founder Bill Gates was arrested for running a stop sign in his Porsche and driving without a license in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1977.
This one amuses me like there’s no tomorrow. I can have the worst day of my life and if someone shows me this mugshot, I will be laughing my ass off. I like how he has a smile on his face as if he’s the luckiest kid in the world and I like the amber vision lenses in his glasses. He was ahead of his time in that department. I would have loved to have partied with this geek back in the day, this is coming from one geek to another.
1. Nick Nolte
Our number one mugshot is none other than Nick Nolte. How could this NOT be the top one?
In September 2002, Nolte was charged with driving under the influence in California. What happened next is the greatest mugshot of all time. I like the festive Hawaiian shirt, I like the facial expression,I like that he’s between the doorway and the wall, but the thing that brings it all home is the messed up stringy hair. DUDE!, what’s up with the hair? My only wish is that I could’ve heard what he was thinking as this was being taken.
By the way,whatever happened to him? We haven’t seen or heard from him since this was released to the world. Maybe this was too hard to live down. I remember an episode of Late Night with Conan O’Brien where this was the image you saw when they went to and came back from commercial. Genius!

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