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Ask T.J. Anything- Dec. 24,2010

OK, we got questions from the audience and we’ve come up with a segment we try and do every Friday, here we go…

If you could change one thing about someone else’s life, what would it be?

Aside from wishing Erica Hill would wear her glasses more on the Early Show (YES!), I am not in the business of trying to change others. You can’t change someone no matter how bad you wish they were something that YOU wanted them to be. It’s like all the people who wish I had hair on my head or got contacts. It’s a nice dream,but it’s far from a reality!

What’s the first thing you notice about someone you’re attracted to?

It’s usually their eyes. I like the see what a woman’s eyes look like. Also,what they’re wearing is important,too, just to see what their kinda style is like and what that says about their personality.

Would you like a bag of hair?

Nope,I’m good. But thanks for thinking about me!

Are bald heads really just lunar panels for increasing libido?

Not that I know of.

Are there any promising free agents baseball that have yet to find teams?

Yeah, there are quite a few left,and they won’t find anyone to play for until maybe January. Guys like Adrian Beltre, Jorge Cantu,  just to name a couple that are quality guys who can be missing puzzle pieces for teams much like Aubrey Huff was for the Giants this past season.

What’s one thing that you don’t know how to do but wish you did?

I wish I knew how to blow a bubble with gum. I am almost 29 and still can’t do it, I’ve tried numerous times, but have failed dramatically!

(Who is your) favorite Giants player?

I think my favorite on the current Giants team is Buster Posey because what he did as a rookie and at that position was unbelievable. When he was called up in May, little did anybody know that he would be maybe the difference maker to the Giants’ success this year. He’s going to be great for years to come. Also, his number is my age,28!

If you knew you’d be getting a gift card as a gift, what store would you pick?

Great question! There are many stores I’d choose, but one in particular is Lids. I like hats so I would choose there.

The A’s are better 🙂

That’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. However, if you paid attention this season, the Giants are the team that is holding the World Series trophy and are the more popular Bay Area baseball franchise no matter what the A’s do. The Giants have more fans, a better ballpark that doesn ‘t need a tarp over its third deck to make capacity , a better radio station that broadcasts games and a history of great broadcasters, not to mention they have been building a team that’s built to win games the past few years.

The A’s have a history of being cheapskates, they can’t sell out their ballpark unless it’s the Yankees, Red Sox, or Giants come to town, the franchise trades away every good player that comes through their so-called “great” farm system. This team does not really want to compete and if I was an A’s fan, I’d feel alienated that my team wasn’t trying to win or get better. I’m glad I root for a first class franchise like the Giants and this World Series has given me a reason to smile and keep smiling. Let’s Go GIANTS!!!

What was the last Halloween costume that you wore?

This year I went as Dr. T.J., Orangevale Community Hospital’s top emergency podiatrist. It was great,man!

Do you know what else is great? Getting all the great questions that come in, keep them coming to my Formspring , and we’ll see you next time. Have a beautiful holiday,everyone!

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