T.J. the Sports Geek’s Predictions for 2011

2010 is coming to a close,and with that,here are my predictions for the new year…

Spangler Candy will release the Bacon Dum Dum Pop

As my friends know, I love Dum Dum Pops, and on their website they have a spot where you can vote for future flavors and as of press time, Bacon leads all flavors. It’s no surprise that it is leading, people have had an obsession with bacon, we have countless fast food items with bacon, we have bacon flavored mayonnaise, bacon flavored candies, bacon flavored desserts, and much more. This should be the next winner to be found in bags in 2011.

The New England Patriots will go back to their Pat Patriot uniforms of yesterday

Although their current uniforms are decent, their classic look from back in the day with the minuteman in the three-point stance was a great look and the red jersey with the blue shoulder stripes and the block numbers is a sweet look that maybe shouldn’t have been discarded in the first place. I’ve long had a feeling that the team may go back to these uniforms and I think this is the year they do.

I Will Finally Fall in Love!

It’s my list, I’m predicting it, I’m due. Next!

By year’s end, Ed Hardy stuff will be a forgotten fad

This was not on our Things That Need to Go in 2011 list because it’s a fad that’s beginning to slowly go away. Wearing Ed Hardy stuff in 2010 is like wearing a Trucker Hat in 2004, it’s time has come to end the trend. I think by the end of the year it’ll be gone for good. I think you can thank (for better or worse, probably for the better) middle aged white guys like Jon Gosselin for killing the trend. Also to thank is that Miller Lite commercial for making fun of it.

The NFL will have a 2011 season

I know it looks so unlikely to happen at the moment, but the NFL player’s union and the league are going to realize that not having a season next year would be bad for the league itself and sports altogether in this country. They would have to come to an agreement and I think they will. If baseball could do it to avoid a strike back in 2003, then the NFL can do the same.

Arsenio Hall Will Make a Comeback

I have to admit it, I miss Arsenio Halll, his talk show back in the day was fantastic and if he would’ve been on a network, he’d probably still have one. I think he is part of what is missing with television and entertainment these days. Somebody should give this man a show somewhere, anywhere. More Arsenio, por favor!

The Following Celebrities Will Be in Trouble With Law Enforcement:

Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, Janice Dickinson, and Richard Simmons

I don’t advocate that these stars actually get themselves in trouble, it’s just a prediction of who might get in trouble again or are due to start getting themselves in trouble with the law and having the blonde surfer guy from TMZ cover it over and over again. Hollywood loves it when people fall apart, especially TMZ. People at TMZ don’t get to eat if Lindsay Lohan doesn’t get a DUI. It’s a part of Hollywood whether you like it or not.

Love Ballads Will Make a Comeback

When was the last time you heard a good love ballad? You’d have to hop in a hot tub time machine to hear a fresh one. In this age of songs full of Autotune that are overplayed and oversaturated, we could use a ballad that means something. We had a lot of them in the 1980s that were great and some even in the 1990s and not many since. However, I think in 2011 they make a comeback!

I mean how could not love a song like this:

Songs like that really make me want to fall in love, you know?

Anyways,that’s my list,what is yours?

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