Reviewing Lime Crush

I’ve had several requests for a review of this, and since I have tried it and recommended it to my friends, I will recommend this to you because you have to try it, you’re going to thank me later. I am talking about Lime Crush, a new flavor that is currently available for a limited time during the upcoming Halloween holiday, but I have to tell you, my taste buds have fallen in love. I really hope they keep this around. It’s really sweet and very flavorful, and I like that about most of Crush’s soda, especially the pineapple one, it’s always got a good flavor to it.

Anytime I am at a convenience store or a gas station and I see it, I like to pick one up. They are also available in the 12 packs at your friendly neighborhood grocery store. I highly recommend it if you want to pick some up. It’s like I said at the top, you are going to thank me for getting you hooked on this stuff, that is of course, if I don’t buy them all first!

Enjoy, kids! Thumbs up!

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