I’ll take personality over vanity any day of the week

My name is T.J. I am 5-feet 9 inches tall. My hair color is brown (at least when I still had some it was) and so are my eyes. I have a bad looking gut that doesn’t appear to be looking better or any worse. I also have a 5 o’clock shadow that seems to continue no matter how clean shaven I am. All things considered, I am pretty happy with my appearance. I’m not perfect. Neither are you.

The reason I wrote that is because last week we had a discussion in class which led to what I am writing about right now. People go to great lengths to get people to notice them whether it be the clothes they wear or the things they do to themselves in order to be beautiful, or at least what the media tells you what is beautiful.

We talked about it all, including 16-year-old girls getting breast augmentations to people having surgery on their eyes in order to change the color of them. As I was hearing all about these things, I was asking myself in my head “What the hell is that?” and I then thought out loud “Are people this unhappy with how they look that they have to go through such extremes?” and “Are people focusing on problems that truly don’t exist?”.

I think so and I don’t think so.

I feel like hating something like your eye color is a bit outrageous if you ask me. I think having brown eyes (which I have as stated earlier) and wanting to get surgery to have blue eyes is a problem that’s in the heads of the people who get this done. I just don’t understand why anyone would change something as unique as their eyes.


I even remember an episode of that god awful MTV show “My Super Sweet 16” and episode my sisters were watching with this spoiled brat (which in this show, they all are) who is about to turn 16 and she wears braces. Before the party, she has her braces temporarily removed so she isn’t seen wearing them on her birthday. My jaw dropped and my level of outrage skyrocketed. I couldn’t believe how vain (and how spoiled) this girl was. Braces, glasses, and the like are all apart of growing up, deal with it!


I know what you’re going to say, you’re going to say “T.J., you shave your head because you don’t want people to see how much hair you’ve lost.” Well, yeah, in a way, but also because that’s the look I’ve chosen for myself and that’s acceptable. I could grow my hair out to reveal my hair and how much is missing, but there isn’t any point for me doing so.


However, I’m not going around changing my eye color and getting tattoos or piercings, I don’t need any of that stuff. What I do think is that looks shouldn’t always matter. Doing things to make up for lack of a personality doesn’t win you any cool points. Being the person that you are and having a great personality is what makes you a winner. And remember, if you’ve got something good going for you, keep doing it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

One thought on “I’ll take personality over vanity any day of the week

  1. I think you judge too harshly. While I agree that going under the knife for vanity sake is shallow and reeking of low self esteem, I don’t think socially acceptable adornments (i.e. tasteful piercing or dying hair for graying ladies and gentlemen) is horrible.

    And secondly, I think you are confusing personality with looking natural. I agree that there is something to said for being natural. Particularly when attempts at the unnatural are unflattering. I don’t like to see people with dark hair adding hi-lights that end up looking that funky manila envelope color, and what is even sadder is they do it in December which looks dreadfully out of season. Also excessive tanning a-la-Jersey-Shore (Snooki) or John Boehner (Ohio-Republican) where the skin looks orange or leathery is equally pitiful. But the point is people can be natural with no ‘upgrades’ and still have a crappy personality.

    There’s also that whole ‘different strokes for different folks’ saying. Your method might leave us all with virtual carbons copies. If you ever watched the opening credits for the Showtime series ‘Weeds’ in the first and second seasons you’ll know what I mean. There is a row of kids getting off a bus in Poshville and every one of the kids has the same khaki shorts, same white polo, same Jansport backpack, same shoes, etc. And the song for the series was the classic “Little Boxes.” The shot pans to a picture of the houses on the hillshide in the neighborhood and it says ‘there’s a green one and blue one and a pink one and a yellow one and they’re all made out of ticky tack and they all look just the same”. That is what your argument sounds like.

    SO for me, I get where you are headed but I don’t want to limit people completely. Self expression is the American way. However, there should be a few limits. I do think that parents shouldn’t be able to tatoo their children or anything permanent like that unless it was needed (like fixing a cleft palate, clubbed foot, etc.).

    As a side note, I would really appreciate people dressing more appropriately. Cougars in mini-skirts and stripper heels with cottage cheese hanging out is vomit inducing. Couch potatoes who stroll out in public with pajama pants, slippers, or sweats is plain gross. And everyone pull up your damn pants, I don’t want to see your thong or your boxers.

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