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Things Everybody Else Loves That I Hate-Misspelling Words on Purpose

This is slowly but surely becoming a top pet peeve on mine and that is the practice of people misspelling words on purpose. I am going to tell you something that’s absolutely true, and you’re either going to agree with this wholeheartedly or you’re going to easily disagree, but it must be said: spelling words is not that hard. When I see people misspell a couple of words every now and then, I understand that. But when people do it constantly because they’ve given up on vowels, that bothers me.It makes me wonder not only what is happening with the world, but with the state of our public school system and our society. When Katy Perry spells the word “girls” with the letter “u” in her song California Girls, something is terribly,terribly wrong.

Am I anal about this? Yes, of course I am. I have reason to be, I learned how to spell at an early age. I was also in two spelling bees in fifth and seventh grade. I didn’t win, but at least I was there, which is more than a lot of people I know can say.

And here’s something else as part of a catch-all that is just as bothersome, people who talk in text message language. I’m talking about those who incorporate phrases like LOL, WTF, and OMG into their daily vocabulary. All you can do is just shake your head at this. And this is my favorite: when people leave out vowels on words in their Facebook statuses. All this is why I spell out entire words on text messages (98-percent of the time), not only does it make me feel better about myself,but it’s also just proper.

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