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Ask T.J. Anything- Sep. 3,2010

If the police arrest a mime, do they tell him he has the right to remain silent?

Yes, because they still have voiceboxes.

Do you really think that someone with a pricey cell phone has nobody that loves them?

I don’t mean it like that. I mean if you have to have a cell phone that costs more than $200 and you’re doing it just to fit in with society, that just doesn’t jive with me and also makes it harder for me to relate with someone like that. I’ve never understood why anyone needs a phone that costs that much,it’s a damn phone. I don’t do e-mail or internet over mine because I feel like when I get home from work or wherever I am at, I have something to look forward to,and I’m happy. When someone is hyperventilating because they don’t have their phone right away, then that’s a problem.

Why do you like being cold so much?

Well, as most people know,growing up in a house without a heater during the winter months has really grown on me. It’s certain things like that you grow up with and they stay with you for the long haul. It’s really what I prefer now,even at Convention when I would stay at the hotel I would not even touch the thermostat because being cold is what I am used to. I also like being bundled up and wearing warm clothes. I even turn on the AC sometimes in the winter when I am in the car because it gets a little warm in there. I love being cold!

Why do you hate Dr. Pepper?

Because it has a really bad aftertaste and also it takes me a long time to finish one. That’s why I am a Pepsi fan,it’s got taste and I can down one in no time.

Did you watch the address from the Oval Office?

I saw some of it, but was paying more attention to studying for our Tuesday night pub quiz.

What do you think of the Subway diet?

If it works for people, then good for them.

What is your most favorite shape, geometrically speaking?

The circle. There’s no beginning and no end,that’s the beauty of it!

Do you really think Sarah Palin is a racist for defending Dr. Laura?

I’m not necessarily saying she’s a racist, but her actions of defending Dr. Laura and saying the N-Word (which I don’t think there’s a nastier slur out there for anyone). In my view, think supporting her use of that word creates that view. If someone heard me saying that word,guess what they would label me? A racist. I don’t know if Palin is one, but she is a member of a party that sadly does has many of them.

Do you think the Giants will overtake the Padres in the division?

If the Padres continue to collapse and the Giants can be smart to capitalize on their downfall, then yes, I think they can. But given their history throughout this season, they haven’t capitalized much on other team’s mistakes and have lost games that they should have won. So it’s hard to say they will when they haven’t.

Why is Bristol Palin going to be on Dancing with the Stars? Last time I checked,she wasn’t one. She belongs on Maury.

Yeah,I don’t get this,either. Look,I don’t watch this show much, especially since the great Julianne Hough left this show and straightened her hair (Yikes!). I guess if you want to add a little controversy to this and have the daughter of a former governor who didn’t finish her term, then that’s ABC’s cross to bear. Whether or not she makes it, I have no idea. I think Bristol Palin should worry about other things, like taking care of her child. And as far as that Maury comment,I am not gonna touch that.

Why are you so down on shows like Glee and Jersey Shore? They’re entertaining shows.

Because to me, they’re not that entertaining or good. Jersey Shore is just a bunch of orange-skinned Italians walking around doing nothing and being just awful people. And by the way, ENOUGH with Snooki, I am tired of people telling me how cute she is, she ain’t! As far Glee goes, mainly people who watch that show were most likely popular in high school and I was not. I was driven away from there by 1900 other people, and this includes teachers who wanted me gone. Therefore, I can’t relate to that show. Also, I saw this show when it was known as Fame in the 1980s.

If you have a question or questions to ask me, let me know at , and we will (hopefully) see you next week!

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