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Ask T.J. Anything- Sep. 17,2010

Why does the misspelling of words bother you so much? Nobody’s perfect!

Yeah, I understand that people will misspell a word or two,but I think what bothers me the most is when people misspell something on purpose or even leaving vowels out of words. That’s when I lose faith in our education system. Spelling is not that hard, it should be one of the easiest things someone can do. If a dope like me can spell, anyone can. There’s also a tool on a program called Microsoft Word called spell check, try it sometime,folks!

How do u think the Raiders are going to do this year?

I think they will do better than most people think they will.  Yeah,they didn’t play well at all against Tennessee, but their divisional competition appears to be even competition. They could go 6-10.

Do you like tacos or burgers better?

It’s hard to go against either one. I love a good hamburger, but I also love a greasy taco. It really depends on my mood because I’m not always in the mood for a burger, I rarely have those times where I am in no mood for tacos. So I guess if I had to choose one,I’m going tacos. I am always home for taco night!

Aren’t those snuggie commercials stupid? Now they did their own version of “Macarena”. The commercials are horrible, and I wouldn’t be caught dead in one of those nasty things.

I saw this commercial on TV the other night and I thought to myself “Do I really need ANOTHER reason to hate these crappy things?”. As if the Macarena weren’t bad enough as the worst song of all time that became a huge hit, they now needed to cement their place in my circle of hatred by placing their song in a commercial for a stupid product,the Snuggie. I hate Snuggies, it’s a gimmick product, and it screams Heaven’s Gate. This may be the Worst Commercial of 2010.Stay tuned!

Why do you keep saying Meg Whitman looks like the Quaker Oats guy?

Because she does. Everytime I see her on the TV, I think of two things. One, she’s buying your vote, which I think is wrong. And also, it’s time for some oatmeal!

If you do find a new job,do you feel you owe your current job anything more?

I really don’t. I have done everything I can for this workplace. Once I do leave (and I will), I have nothing left to prove and nothing left to shoot for there.

How come you never talk about the A’s?

Because I am not an A’s fan and also they give me next to nothing to talk about. There aren’t any glowing personalities on the team, the manager puts me to sleep and he also gives you and I no optimism that things are going to get better. They also play in a terrible stadium that’s never even CLOSE to full and nobody knows what station they are on. Plus, their announcers are dull and put me to sleep.

If money is the root of all evil, why do churches beg for it?

Because of their tax-exempt status. If you didn’t have to pay taxes, you’d ask for all the money in the world,too. That’s really the only reason they do it, if they didn’t have that tax-exempt status, they probably wouldn’t do it as much. I don’t mind them doing so,what really bothers me are these televangelists who ask for it and make up a story about why they need it. A long time ago,Oral Roberts needed $8 million or Jesus would kill him and he got it.

Do you think the NFL will change the rule that denied Calvin Johnson a game winning touchdown on Sunday?

I would like to see them do that,but it probably won’t happen until the end of the season. That was a touchdown,though!

OK, if you have a question for me, don’t hesitate to ask, go to ,and we will see you again next time!

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