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Ask T.J. Anything- Aug. 27,2010

Concerning the issue of the NYC mosque near Ground Zero, do you think people are confusing terrorism with racism?

In a way, I do. I understand people are upset about something like that going there, but in fact, it is not that close to ground zero, from what I’ve heard i and read about,it is much farther away and that other mosques are closer. Anyways, I do think there’s some confusion among some that think that all Muslims are terrorists. They’re not. Terrorism exists in all fashions and comes in all colors. What the hell do you think the KKK is? They are as much a part of terrorism as Al-qaeda. My feeling is if people want to practice religion, they have the right to do so. And by the way,if you’re a racist, you’re awful!

Different person asking this than the first guy-Do you think that it’s a wise choice to build a Mosque there, even if they have the right? As for the other mosque, there’s one 4 blocks away, the Mosjid Manhattan, but none closer.

I seriously do not see what the big deal is. I thought this was a free country. Do we not have the right to practice religion here? Are we not tolerant of other people’s beliefs? It seems to me that we’re not, and that is seriously sad and to be honest, shameful. It really says to me that others aren’t tolerant of different faiths, and that they hate people of color,too. If you saw the crowds protesting this mosque, they look like people who hate people of color. As I said in the last answer to this question. If you’re a racist,I hate you!

If the World Trade Center was rebuilt again (which it won’t), then there’s a legitimate beef. If someone would like to tell me what the big deal is, e-mail me. There are many more important things that need attention than the placement of a religious facility.

So, former 49ers running back Glen Coffee unexpectedly announced his retirement recently so he could become a minister. And this is news?

In the local sports world it absolutely is because there are a lot of 49ers fans here and he was expected to be the back-up to Frank Gore and to carry some of the load,especially on third downs, for the 49ers, not to mention he had potential to be a star. I think it’s newsworthy because not a lot of football players retire at age 23, and he wasn’t hurt and he wasn’t in trouble with the law or anything, he just had a change of heart in where he wanted to go in life. He probably also realized that running backs have a short shelf life as it is in the NFL, I think the average career of a tailback is less than three full seasons, so he may be doing the right thing for his health by retiring.

I get that you follow sports, but do you play any?

I used to play sports once upon a time. I would play football with my friends in high school, and I’d also shoot hoops,too. When I was an active DeMolay, I took part in both the Softball and Basketball tournaments. Nowadays, my body is breaking down faster than a Yugo in February in the snow so it’s hard to play sports at times. I am back on the track running,though.

T-Rav, you still like Lou Bega?

Lou Bega is still a homeboy of mine. I don’t talk about him much,though. I think it’s because he no longer wishes to be famous. But it’s good that my fans still remember him fondly!

What is an underappreciated sport in America?

I think disc golf is very under appreciated! What a fun game!

What are your opinions on the band Toto?

They’re alright. Any band that has a song in a Grand Theft Auto video game is cool with me!

You keep saying that people who drink alcohol lack personality. Waht are you trying to say,wiseguy?

I don’t mean that for everybody, but in the cases of some folks… yeah, I think the reason some people drink is because without a drink in their hand, they’re boring people, they don’t have much else going on without alcohol and with alcohol these people have personality, as the people in the picture above appear to be. What I’m saying is that in my case where I am unable to drink alcohol, I’ve come to the realization that I’m better off without it and have realized how much personality that I have and have had without it. I think if some people reached down and found that out, the world would be a lot livelier.

(If you could be) with ONE celebrity,who would it be?

Oh my goodness. OK, this will never happen because she is married, but if Giada De Laurentiis suddenly became available… YES! I know there’s an 11 year age gap, but Giada… YES!

What video game have you played the most?

Probably Super Mario Bros., we spent a lot of time playing that when we were kids. When I was like 10 or so, we would throngs of people over at the house and we’d play that. Good times!

Was that you I saw at ARC this morning (Thursday) walking to the cafeteria? I think it was you.

It most likely was. I am there two days a week. Next time you see me,come up to me and say Hi, don’t be like that awkward girl in the Acuvue commercial. Walk up and say Hi, I like when people come up and say Hello.

Do you consider yourself a good dancer?

Not at all. I would love to really learn how to dance. Someday I hope that can happen!

Would you rather date a lot of different people, or be in a committed relationship?

I’d just like to date somebody at this point. I’d love to be in a committed relationship someday, but right now,I just want to be noticed.

If the #2 pencil is the most popular, why is it still #2?

I wish I knew the answer to that. I always wondered where the #1 pencils all disappeared to. I have seen #3 pencils,though.

Where would you like to spend your retirement?

Pismo Beach. The weather’s just great, the beach smells great,too. The only knock is that it costs a lot to go out and eat,but if you are retired,I guess it doesn’t matter too much!

If you have a question for me, send it to me here at , and I might put your question on next Friday. See you then!

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