Ask T.J. Anything- July 23,2010

OK, we had a week off from the Viewer Mail,but we’re back! Here we go…

Do you have any tattoos? If not, do you want one?

I don’t have any,and once upon a time I did,but since I have a low tolerance for needles and the fact that everyone and their mother has one now,so it isn’t as cool or original to me anymore. Why get something everyone else has? You know why I got a pair of orange dress shoes? Because nobody else has them. Plus,people are getting too many of them. It’s fine if you get a couple of them,but I think there is a such thing as too many tattoos.

What is more important to you – working at a job that your enjoy OR getting paid what you believe you are worth?

I think both are equally valuable, but if I had to choose one at gunpoint,I would say working somewhere I enjoyed because if you enjoy it enough,then the worth of you on the job also goes up as you go along.

Have you ever been engaged to be married?

I have not. That won’t happen for a very long time!

What celebrity is under appreciated?

I think Jason Bateman is under appreciated. I think he is a really good actor, he was a part of the great Arrested Development show with a great ensemble cast. He doesn’t get mentioned as much as he should be,but you know he’s there.

Are you going to the State Fair?

I would like to,but am unsure of a possibility of doing so since I am going to Pismo Beach next weekend. If the Fair was at its regularly scheduled time of year,I would go on Labor Day just to see all the characters that pop up. From the fighting to the moms in seven inch heels walking with their children in strollers, Labor Day at the State Fair has it all. YES!!!

Have you tried bacon ice cream?

I have not tried it,maybe I will,who knows!

What are your thoughts on Prop 19? (The bill introduced by a San Francisco Democrat last February would allow adults 21 and older to legally possess, grow and sell marijuana.)

I don’t really know too much about this,I don’t really like to go fiesta politico on here, but I will say this, I am not a big marijuana fan, I hate the smell of this stuff, I hate that this stoner lifestyle is being pushed on so many people. Plus,if this does happen, if marijuana is legalized, I am frightened that it will fall into the hands of children and mess their lives up.

If you didn’t know how old you are, how old would you be?

I’d like to be 22 again,that was a nice age to be. It’s a nice,round number.

Would you ever go to a nude beach?

Only if I could stay fully clothed and there weren’t any gross people there.

Is jail gonna straighten up Lindsay Lohan?

It better. I think if she’s going to have any kind of career left in Hollywood, she will straighten herself out in jail. However,I don’t see her being there very long,so my guess is that No,it will not do the job,she’ll be back to where she was before.

What’s with the male actors as they head towards being has beens? Alec Baldwin talking smack to his daughter, Tom Cruise talking smack to Matt Lauer and Brook Shields, Mel Gibson talking smack to his girlfriend, Christian Bales rant….etc, etc, etc….

I have a feeling that this is nothing new,it’s just publicized a lot more now that we live in this TMZ world where everybody who is famous is followed around so much now. By the way,I found Mel Gibson’s rant to be a little funny to be honest. The best line…” You make me wanna smoke!”. But seriously, people just don’t know when to leave well enough alone and that’s why you hear these tapes and see these outrageous moments!

Have you drafted your bucket list?

I haven’t yet,probably because there’s so much that would be on it.

OK, there it is, if you have a question for me, send it here at , and we will have more of your questions on Thursday!

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