Message to the State of California: Try again!

If you haven’t read the story already,0,2024080.story , the State of California is thinking of implementing electronic license plates that would pull up an advertisement while your vehicle is stopped for more than four seconds.  This is an attempt to generate revenue for the state’s perennial budget woes. While this may seem like a creative way to help get the state out of debt, I on the other hand thinks it’s a terrible idea and I think there are better ways to get the state’s revenue rolling once again.

I think bumper stickers are bad enough on cars, I’m sure there have been some accidents caused by people speeding up to read one from a distance. What makes anyone in the legislature think that this won’t be any different? Why do other motorists have to advertise other people’s products on their automobile when they most likely won’t receive a cent of the profits from the advertisers or the state? It’s your car they want to advertise on, shouldn’t you get a piece of the action should something like this take place? Is my electrical system in may car going to be in danger of malfunctioning from these?

There are so many questions I have about this and I just think, and maybe it’s just me,but I doubt it, it’s that this is a gimmick idea that just sounds like a disaster from the start. I think it may cost more in the long run to really keep up with such an idea and ultimately, should it happen, the state will scrap it before too long. There’s nothing wrong with the license plates we have now, I don’t think we need another idiotic distraction for drivers to get into accidents from. So to you,my home state, I say try again!

Also, what will happen if this gets passed? Do I have to get new plates? How will the plates be powered? Will it be my car battery powering them or will it come from somewhere else? If my car is powering these plates, I want a piece of the action from that,too since it’s my juice the state will be using to advertise on my car.

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