Ask T.J. Anything- Apr. 30,2010

Where do you stand on the new law in Arizona?

I usually don’t like to get political on here,after all I am the Sports Geek, and I don’t want to get into a debate on it whatsoever, but it’s clearly not a popular idea, many people are outraged that such a law exists now in the state of Arizona. I don’t think it’s right,either.I do think it’s a form of racial profiling. What does an illegal alien look like? Are we talking about just Hispanic people,or are we talking about illegal Canadians? And if you look at what country Arizona borders, we know who this law is geared towards.

If and when you pass out and cant breath who would

you want to give you mouth to mouth?

LMAO! Oh,wow. I think I’d have it be the fabulous Erin Andrews from ESPN and Dancing with the Stars. YES!

Who would be the best person to make a cardboard

cut out with?

The fabulous Kerri King, of course. OY OY OY!!!

If you could go back in time 10 years and tell your

younger self something, what would it be?

Wow,great question! I’d tell 18 year old T.J. that he better enjoy going bald and being bespectacled. And also,I’d tell him to aim high in life or else he’s in big trouble!

(What’s the) best memory of when you were an active

DeMolay ?

I have so many! It’s hard to pick from four years of great memories,but if I have to pick one, it would have to be when Josh Alvarez-Mapp was installed as Master Councilor of Lodi. So many of us were there,and Greg,John,and myself were contestants on The Dating Game which had me laughing for days. I also felt like I was myself that night,it was really cool. And you know something,the memories keep continuing now in year 12!

If you had your own talk show, who would your first

three guests be?

I would have to have my favorite talk show host,David Letterman on simply because he was the guy for me. My second guest would be ESPN’s Erin Andrews because she’s very attractive and we can talk sports. Finally, I would have stand-up comedy from Jerry Seinfeld.

Timmy should’ve finished the game against

Philadelphia, don’t you agree?

Absolutely I agree. Tim Lincecum has earned the right to decide whether or not he wants to stay in the game, he obviously did. Had he stayed in, he probably would’ve finished and won the game. I understand that you want to get Brian Wilson in there to save it,that’s fine,but if your starter is having the outing that he was having yesterday,and he doesn’t pitch for another week,let him go the distance.

Sneakers or sandals?

I am a sneaker guy. I have about nine pairs of sneakers,but I love my gray Converse All Stars.I had sandals and they made my feet hurt and gave me a massive amount of blisters on my feet. I think I may need a better pair of sandals,though.

OK, if you have a question for me, send it here to, and you might see it here next Friday!

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