Ask T.J. Anything- Apr. 23,2010

What would your dream job look like?

It would consist of doing something I love. I think that should be anyone’s dream job,I think everyone can and should be anything they want to be. I think we’re missing a lot of that in today’s society. Too many people aren’t doing what they really want to do,and that’s wasted talent and potential. I’m trying to change that for myself and so should many others.

Why do you think people do the same actions

expecting a different result?

Because they feel that their way works and somehow they keep doing it in the hopes that it will to prove to others as well as themselves that it does.

What TV show makes you laugh the loudest?

Great question! There are a couple. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart often does that. Family Guy probably does it the most,there will be times that my dad and I will just for minutes at a single gag.

What is your favorite beverage of any kind?

I am a huge Pepsi fan. I’ve loved drinking it since I was a kid. But I also love root beer,I don’t drink it often,but give me a great tasting root beer,and I am a happy guy.

Isn’t a 6 game suspension for Ben Roethlisberger a

little rough? He wasn’t charged with anything.

I agree. Six games was a bit much,he wasn’t charged,he isn’t going to trial. I think at least two games would’ve been fair, I hear he is appealing to get it down to four,I think he will be successful in doing so. Will he be back with the Steelers? I don’t know,but my gut tells me he will because who else are they gonna get to replace him?

Why are the Giants losing so much? (its sad)

I think it’s a number of things: One,they’re without Aaron Rowand who was beaned in the face,and Mark DeRosa is playing sparingly. Two, they wimped out and didn’t retaliate against the Dodgers for Rowand’s beaning the following day when they had a prefect opportunity to that day winning 9-0. Third, they played in a series at San Diego,one of the hardest places to hit in all of baseball. And finally, they aren’t getting enough run support,they need that big time.

What’s one thing you own that you should probably

throw away, but never will?

I have a pair of Adidas shelltoes that I’ve had for six years,even though they’re old,I still like wearing them every now and then. I don’t think I’ll part with them anytime soon!

Steamed rice or fried rice?

Oh wow, I love them both,but if I have to choose one,I’d go with fried rice. Steamed rice is something I’d have to be in the mood for,and that doesn’t happen as often.

What is your favorite arcade game?

Well,I don’t play video games anymore,but when I did back when I was at Golfland Sunsplash,I don’t know if this game is around anywhere anymore,but it was a game called Derby Owners Club,but we called it DOC. It was great,you bred horses,raced them,and after they retired,you could use them to breed other horses,it was a lot of fun.

What car would you like to own?

I love my current car,but if I had to have any kind of car I wanted,I’d get a Corvette, maybe a 1970 or ’71 Corvette (orange in color,of course). Man,that’d be nice!

What is your favorite fast food?

That’s actually an easy question. Wienerschnitzel is my favorite place to get fast food. I love their chili cheese dogs and I am so happy the price of corn dogs went down to 79¢,I could eat those all day! Gotta love DW!

What is your favorite spice?

Wow! Great question! Even though it’s not a spice here in the U.S., the Chinese use liquorice as a spice,and it’s spicy to me when I eat it,so let’s go with it!

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