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The Things That Need to Go in 2022-Part Five



Welcome back to our countdown of The Things That Need to go in 2021. This is a collection of the trends, people, phrases,and anything else you can think of that need to go when we arrive at,hopefully,a better new year. This is Part Five of our countdown where we will reveal items 20-11 of the list. 

Disclaimer: This list is for entertainment purposes and is meant to be taken semi-seriously, so keep that in mind when you read the list. We’re just trying to have fun here!

We continue with our countdown and here’s #20!

DST20. Daylight Saving Time

Seventh year selection

We begin Part Five with something that should be gone and for a long time now. I don’t like Daylight Saving Time and I know few people who do. There is next to no reason for it to be around in this day and age and it’s an outdated practice. Not only is it not fun to change clocks twice a year,but it messes with my head for about a week when we go one way or the other. Also,what happened to California abolishing this? We voted it out and want it gone. 

I wouldn’t mind us being at daylight time permanently because it means we would have more daylight and probably warmer temperatures. As long as I don’t have to change a clock twice a year,I would be all for it!

SqueakyBen19. Ben Shapiro

Second year selection

Just because you talk fast doesn’t make you smart and that’s the illusion that Ben Shapiro and his fans try to give you in terms of his so-called brilliance. He isn’t that bright and peddles the worst lies and disguises them as the truth.  He’s also the easiest dude to trigger from Cardi B singing WAP to teams changing their names to the NFL being more inclusive when it comes to minorities and the LGBT community. Shapiro is just the smarmiest dude. I also can’t stand the sound of his whiny ass voice. 

I also loved when he got triggered a couple of years ago by a British TV host who was also right wing to the point where he ran from the interview because he couldn’t handle tough questions. It goes to show that he can’t handle the heat when he can certainly dish it to others. Also, nobody cares that your wife’s a doctor, so stop bringing it up!

StrongGOP18. Democrats advocating for a strong Republican Party

First year selection

This one had to make the list for me because I have heard many Democrats say they wish the Republican Party was stronger. 

Excuse me? In what world does anyone want their enemy to be stronger? 

I don’t want them to be stronger, I want them to be defeated and so should you. You shouldn’t be trying to build them back up, you’re supposed to kick them while they’re down. It’s ideas like that from this sorry,no-account party that made me want to exit and not regret the decision to do so. How about trying to pass populist policies that benefit everyone and defeating your opponents,the Republicans, in the process? I guess you have to want them to be stronger because you and them are becoming more and more alike as time goes by. No wonder you guys lose so much!

whataboutism17. “Whataboutisms”

First year selection

This happens a lot nowadays,especially on social media. When someone makes a comment on something or even posts something and someone else chimes in to comment about something else totally unrelated that does nothing but deflect from the real issue at hand and what’s being talked about. These folks who do this are just the worst and only want to talk about something else and just not fun to talk to at all. I can’t imagine what it would be like to talk to them in real life if they’re this way online. Whataboutisms are just the worst and have to go!

LethhGoBwandon16. The phrase “Let’s go Brandon”

First year selection

This has to be the worst slogan I have heard this year from those who hate Joe Biden and it’s pretty annoying and pathetic. It’s gone from a euphemism for Fuck Joe Biden to a near obsession with the phrase. It’s a pretty unhealthy one if you ask me. Also, you may not want to hear this,but Brandon won. Your boy,Trump,who ran against him last year,lost and is thankfully no longer in charge. Now,I get it, you don’t like him and didn’t vote for him. I didn’t vote for him,but there are ways to be critical of him that are constructive and don’t involve stupid catchphrases like Let’s Go Brandon. Probably should retire this one before the next hate rally that Trump hosts. 

LemonadeforSurgery15. “Heartwarming” news stories about how bad our healthcare system is

First year selection

Something that definitely needs to go are these news stories about some girl with a terminal disease having to sell lemonade in order to pay for a life-saving surgery. Why? Because these are not heartwarming whatsoever! What they really are to not just me,but many others, are a tragic tale about how bad our healthcare system is in America. No young child should have to labor to pay for an operation that should be covered through a universal healthcare system like every other developed country. It’s terrible that we even let this happen to begin with. It’s also terrible that the media paints these stories as such heartwarming tales. They aren’t and they should be ashamed to ever do such a thing. If there’s a point to prove with these stories,it’s that we need universal healthcare now more than ever and that having that over going to war with countries that didn’t attack us would be beneficial to our country’s greatest good.

JoelOsteen14. Televangelists

Fifth year selection

This has made our list several times now and for good reason; these people are absolutely the worst when it comes to grifting and praying on people in the name of religion. From Pat Robertson to Joel Osteen to Kenneth Copeland, these folks are as bad as it gets. 

Beyond that, they don’t really care about religion,they only care about their followers funneling as much money to them as possible,like in the case of Osteen where a plumber found money inside the walls of his megachurch recently. They have so much of your money they have to hide it in the walls instead of a bank like normal people. I absolutely cannot stand these people who live to be the biggest snake oil salesmen there ever were. Time to tax these fools into oblivion!

The Roberts Court, April 23, 2021

13. Nine justices on the Supreme Court

Second year selection

Something that I had on our list last year, it’s time we had more than nine justices on the Supreme Court. After the Republicans packed it with three justices of their own during the Trump regime, including not even waiting for Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s body to get cold before wedging Amy Waffle Coney Barrett on the court in eight days, it’s time the Democrats expanded it while they still have the chance. Expand that shit to 13! If they refuse to do this,get ready to see the court overturn Roe v. Wade and other landmark issues that would set this country back way more than it already is. Also, lifetime appointments have to go! There is no reason for these judges to have this seat for a lifetime. For 12-18 years? Sure! But not for life, that’s how we get away from progress. If the Democrats had any spine they would do both of these,but since they don’t they won’t. 

Boebert12. Lauren Boebert

First year selection

Originally I was going to have her further down the list,but she’s so terrible in her own right that she had to be as high up as this. Boebert is not only not very bright,but also a terribly racist person who recently made Islamaphobic remarks against Ilhan Omar,a fellow House colleague. Not only that,but she made an anti-American statement regarding the withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan saying that the Taliban were the only ones who built back better. She also barely got her GED while on the campaign trail which really shows anytime you hear her talk. I honestly feel dumber when I have to hear her speak. Also,those glasses aren’t fooling anyone, hun! If not for one other person,she’d probably be higher up on the list. More on that in Part Six!

ColumbusDay11. Columbus Day

Second year selection

We end Part Five with something that we shouldn’t be celebrating to begin with and that’s Columbus Day. Why do we celebrate someone who didn’t even discover America? He didn’t even discover a place that was uncharted,there were people living there already. Not to mention he abused the natives, and was considered the father or slavery. What he did and the damage he caused should not be celebrated or honored. Also, I don’t get the day off for it and if I don’t get the day off,what’s the point? I would rather it be Indigenous Peoples Day instead of Columbus Day after all they have suffered from what he and others after him initiated back in 1492.

Part Six comes your way tomorrow!

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