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The Things That Need to Go in 2022-Part Six


Welcome back to our countdown of The Things That Need to go in 2022. This is a collection of the trends, people, phrases,and anything else you can think of that need to go when we arrive at,hopefully,a better new year. This is Part Six,the final part of our countdown where we will reveal items 10-1 of the list. 

Disclaimer: This list is for entertainment purposes and is meant to be taken semi-seriously, so keep that in mind when you read the list. We’re just trying to have fun here!

Let’s continue our countdown with #10!

HustleCulture10. CATCH-ALL: Hustle culture and the five day workweek

First year selections

Part Six continues on and as we deal with something that should be done away with that other countries don’t do,and that’s overworking ourselves. Honestly,the 40-hour workweek is outdated and an unhealthy one if you ask me. For those saying nobody wants to work anymore,how about everyone who has a job is working too much? We’ve adopted this horrible hustle culture in this country where you have to work yourself so much to get anywhere remotely near ahead or even living comfortably. Work should not be your life. You’re working to enjoy your life,shouldn’t you be able to do so? I think full time work should be 30 hours a week and four days a week. Other countries do this and their quality of life exceeds ours in many aspects. I think if we did that we would be a happier and even more productive society. Sometimes,less is more.

fireworks9. People setting off fireworks before or after July 4th

Fourth year selection

This has been on my list a few times now and for good reason. There are many of us who just want the Fourth of July to be the time to set off fireworks and even on that day they go overboard. Having to hear them before or even after the 4th is pretty annoying,especially if you have a job and life to go to in the morning. Which is why the guy in Fort Myers, Fla. who made firework noises to piss off his neighbors (video below) to see how they liked it was awesome. This guy is my hero. I wish I had done this to show how I felt about the folks who live in my area that do this and give them a taste of their own medicine. I’m pretty sick and tired of it and if I could afford to move elsewhere,I would. Unfortunately I am stuck with the occasional booms and pops until I move somewhere that doesn’t tolerate that kind of nonsense.

AbbottDeSantis8. CATCH-ALL: Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott

First year selections

Two of America’s worst governors are on my list and for good reason,because they’re terrible and make terrible decisions. Florida governor Ron DeSantis had a lot of terrible policies during the pandemic that allowed the state to operate as if there wasn’t a global pandemic, but then again,it’s Florida and this state usually has the worst things happening there by the worst people ever. Homeboy couldn’t even wear a mask properly. There was a reason the nickname DeathSantis was given to him and it’s because of how badly he handled things during this crisis. Greg Abbott of Texas is no better. He tried to make it nearly illegal for abortions to happen in his state and also handled pandemic-related situations badly not to mention the power grid problem that led to the freezeout that happened earlier this year, not as badly as someone else in this part of the countdown, but not good. Both of these men are awful leaders and I hope neither of them are ever near the White House, if they are,Imma head out!

Pelosi7. Nancy Pelosi

Fourth year selection

Someone who doesn’t do the Democrats any justice with her leadership anymore is Nancy Pelosi. First of all,she’s old and out of touch with ideas that should be moving her party forward,instead of maintaining the status quo that’s only working for a select few. As stated in the last part of our countdown,she was one of the people who said that the Republicans need to build back stronger, something your party’s leader in the House should be saying. If she and her party were really serious about passing populist legislation that could change people’s lives, she wouldn’t be on this list,but since she’s past her time and not being the master legislator she claims to be,she’s gotta go. Someone please beat her in 2022!

CommentsSection6. Facebook “experts”

First year selection

One of the things that has poisoned social media are the people who claim to be experts on everything instead of people like scientists,doctors,and others who know what they’re doing. Never in my life have I seen so many people who think they have the answer to everything when,in fact,they don’t and are doing themselves a disservice when they become these know-it-alls who know nothing at all. These are the same kinds of people who tell you to do your own research when it comes to you listening to the real experts. If by chance you see me on social media less and less,it’s because of these folks and much,much more.

FledCruz5. Ted Cruz

Multi-year selection

Fled Cruz is back on our countdown and it’s his highest ranking on the list thus far. It’s bad enough that this guy tried to overturn the election on Jan. 6 along with many others,he also decided to head out to Cancun while everything was frozen and everyone was freezing to death because of their dumb power grid and was rightly criticized for it. Cruz is also not one to stand up for his family members when they’re under attack and throws them under the bus more often than not. How sad is that?

He also decided to pick a fight with Big Bird over getting a vaccine. Nothing is more pathetic when you’re squabbling with a Muppet. 

It makes me wish he had done something else with his life,like make teen tit films like he wanted to in high school. I hope to God he never runs for President again and if he does,I hope he loses spectacularly. 

Tucker4. Tucker Carlson

Third year selection

Retaining his place from last year is the man who fancies himself as a blue collar guy standing up for regular people when,in fact,he’s rich as hell and stands up for elitists like him.

Not only that,but he’s also very racist and has said that white supremacy is a hoax and many more things that are awful on a nightly basis. If any of us were to mention the things he has on his show at our jobs,we would be fired. Also,he has the same sour butthurt look on his face all the time. It’s so ugly and dumb! He’s not a good journalist, he’s not a good human being,he’s just a rich loudmouth who hasn’t had to suffer a day in his life and lies as much as humanly possible to the gullible fools who are dumb enough to believe them.

manchinsinema3. CATCH-ALL: Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema

Second and first year selections

If you’re looking for someone to blame for the reasons why we can’t have nice things in this country, look no further than these two. Manchin and Sinema are two sorry excuses for Democrats who never want to pass the agenda of the party they supposedly belong to. From Manchin being a deficit hawk complaining that any new legislation that might change the lives of regular people would run up the deficit to Sinema being against everything from a $15 minimum wage to not stating what she is for when it comes to legislative issues to not even being available for her constituents to contact or even meet with her. These two are a prime example of why just voting for someone because they belong to the same party as you isn’t always the way to go. They are not only awful legislators,but awful people as well who should be out of office. I hate these two so much!

AntiVax2. Anti-vaxxers

Sixth year selection

If you’re new to this list, this has been on our countdown before,but now more than ever anti-vaxxers are just out of control. It’s amazing to me how many people are against something like the vaccine that gets us out of the pandemic. It’s extremely baffling honestly and the more they oppose it, the longer we stay where we are. I couldn’t wait to get this vaccine when the time came to do so and have zero regrets and zero side effects. I haven’t been sick one day since! Also,I had COVID and don’t wish to again which is why I got the damn shot! I am also getting the booster next week and am ready for it. Why these folks can’t and won’t be brave enough to do something so simple is beyond me and it’s their stubbornness that keeps us in bad situations such as this. I just want my life back!

MTG1. Marjorie Taylor Greene

First year selection

This woman is and has been the top choice for this list since the summertime and it’s because not everyone who is eligible to run for office should. Greene is an absolutely horrible person who is racist, hates immigrants,and loves guns more than anything else. She also says stupid things like the wildfires we had here in California in 2018 were started by Jewish space lasers, has advocated for political violence in the past, has advocated for numerous Democrats to be executed and has harassed people like David Hogg who watched his classmates get murdered in 2018 at Parkland High in Florida while saying it was a hoax. She also has eight toes. Eight.

She is probably the most awful person in office in American politics today and what sucks is she’s in a very red district so we know she’ll be around for a while. I hope it’s not the case,but with the way things are and how stupid people like her are treasured in today’s political climate, it wouldn’t surprise me. 

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