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The Things That Need to Go in 2022-Part Four



Welcome back to our countdown of The Things That Need to Go in 2022. This is a collection of the trends, people, phrases,and anything else you can think of that need to go when we arrive at,hopefully,a better new year. This is Part Four of our countdown where we will reveal items 40-21 of the list. 

Disclaimer: This list is for entertainment purposes and is meant to be taken semi-seriously, so keep that in mind when you read the list. We’re just trying to have fun here!

Let’s continue our countdown with #40!

Always connected

40. Virtual everything

Second year selection

Part Four begins with something I absolutely hate now that it’s a part of so much of our world now and it’s doing everything virtually. From visiting with family to weddings to graduations to seeing a doctor, it’s all done over a screen and it’s not fun at all. Earlier this year I went to partial hospitalization because I wasn’t handling the pandemic well at all and had lost the will to live and I agreed to go on one condition; that it wasn’t virtual treatment. I will not do another doctor’s visit again unless I can go in person. I should be allowed to see a doctor in person again. I’m done not being able to do that or see family members or friends I haven’t seen in years except through video. It’s further isolating to me and doesn’t help in my quest to regain the life I once had before the pandemic and a better one going forward. Not all of us like doing everything virtually and I’m a prime example of that.

Karen39. “Karens”

First year selection

A customer service representative’s worst nightmare, the “Karen” comes in many forms, but the stereotypical one has blonde hair and drives a really expensive SUV and usually asks if you know who she is. Also,they’re typically not fond of wearing masks in your establishment and they usually want to speak to the manager for them to tell her the same thing you did. Not to discriminate, the “Karen” is also in male form, we call him either “Chad” or “Ken” depending on how you feel. These folks are the worst when it comes to how they act and their expectations are way too high and I feel like they’re only going to get worse.

coolbeans38. The phrase “Cool Beans”

Sixth year selection

A frequent staple of this list is back again because I have hated this phrase for a long time ever since another friend in a youth group we were in hated it and his hatred of this phrase rubbed off on me.

I don’t know who started this phrase,but I want someone to end it forever. Beans aren’t meant to be cool, they’re usually served warm. Who eats cold beans,who does that?

Also,much like fish don’t fry in the kitchen, beans don’t burn on the grill. Everyone knows that! As long as I hear someone say this in the vicinity of me,this will make the list! Believe that!

UpsideDownLogos37. Hats with upside down logos

First year selection

Here’s a fashion item that looks absolutely stupid if you ask me. These MLB hats that have the cap insignia upside down for some reason and nobody knows why these are being bought and worn by many people. What’s the appeal of these? Why is the logo upside down? I wish I had more to say about this,but honestly there’s not much you can say about something everybody already knows sucks and should be in a dumpster fire as soon as possible.

MLB: World Series-Los Angeles Dodgers at Houston Astros

36. Rob Manfred

Second year selection

The commissioner of baseball has made our list yet again and it’s because of all the bad decisions he’s made during his tenure and weird rule changes,which include but are not limited to, putting a runner on second in extra innings, having seven inning doubleheaders during the pandemic, doing nothing to the Houston Astros for their cheating scandal and having terrible umpires not being held accountable for their terrible calls and strike zones. Now you can add a lockout and a lack of labor piece for the first time in 27 years to the list. I get that no commissioner is perfect and that some want to leave their own stamp on the game,but making changes that few want like Manfred is doing makes the league look like a shell of its former self.

Roundabouts35. People who don’t know how to drive roundabouts

Second year selection

This is back on the list and the biggest reason why is because so many people complain about something so easy. Not only is driving through one of these simple,but they’re considered a lot safer than a stop sign or a traffic light. I drive through two of these during my work day multiple times per day and don’t have much trouble with them at all. If a doofus like me is able to figure them out,I’m sure you can as well. It’s not hard,you just don’t want to do it!

BillMaher34. Bill Maher

Fifth year selection

Everyone’s favorite limousine liberal is back on the list and for good reason;he’s turning into the biggest boomer ever. Maher was once for progressive ideas like universal healthcare and ending the wars,etc. Now he’s turned into one of the biggest centrist/right wing Democrats who tell progressives to shut up and get over it and fall in line with their ideas,which are terrible and lead to Democrats losing elections. Also,this guy was championing Amy Klobuchar for President last year. Are you kidding me? The lady who threw staplers at staffers is the one you want to be President? Give me a break! Maher’s HBO show is also very unwatchable now and the only ones who like it are the same folks who think CNN and MSNBC tell the truth.

nachofries33. Taco Bell Nacho Fries being a limited time only menu item

First year selection

Nacho fries have been an intermittent part of Taco Bell’s menu for a few years now and I think that status for these needs to go away. So many people enjoy nacho fries whenever they’re on the menu, so why not make them a permanent item? It’s bad enough that so many beloved items are off the menu forever,why not make a part-time item one that is here to stay? It’s time to make it official and I think we should tell the Bell. You know?

"The Dr. Oz Show" Kicks Off New 4PM Time Slot With Free Rush Hour Cab Rides

32. Celebrities running for office

Second year selection

One thing I am tired of seeing is celebrities running for political office just because they’re a celebrity. Even more,I am tired of regular folks trying to recruit them to do so. It’s one thing to think that a celebrity would be good for public office just because of who they are,but it’s another thing when you have no idea what they are for or against. I’ve heard many say that Oprah Winfrey would be great as President one day. Based on what? Is she going to get you and everyone else the healthcare they desperately need. Given that she’s a billionaire and more well off than you’ll ever be,that’s not something I would count on. Recently Dr. Oz announced he’s running for governor of Pennsylvania as Republican, but has yet to announce what he’s for or even if he’s on the Trump train,something voters would need to know before endorsing him because Donald Trump runs that party and if you’re not for him, you’re finished as a Republican and a political entity. I would rather vote for someone who is going to fight for what we need in our country and society and not some rich person who’s buying their way into office who won’t do shit to help you. 

AdsYouTubeVideos31. Ads in the middle of the YouTube videos

Second year selection

One of the most annoying things ever is back on our list. I hate when I am watching a video on YouTube and then an ad or a slew of them pop up in the middle of it. I get that they’re a business and need to make money by selling advertising, but do it at the beginning and end of a video. Doing it during one is frustrating and doesn’t make me want to buy the product being advertised more with the ad in the middle of it,it makes me want it much less as a matter of fact. I’m good with the ads at the start and end of videos, not during. Step your game up, YouTube!

SlippersInPublic30. Wearing slippers in public

Seventh year selection

I am seeing this way too much now in what is continuing to be the laziness that is our society. Is it truly this hard to put on a pair of shoes before you leave the goddamn house? I know I shouldn’t expect so much from society these days because,let’s face it,we’re a terrible one,but seeing folks in slippers while out for the day says to me that they’ve basically given up. The only time I would allow this is if you’re at the grocery store late at night. Other than that, put some damn shoes on and join the rest of society in looking somewhat presentable.

Gaetz29. Matt Gaetz

First year selection

The love child of Matt Dillon and Glenn Quagmire has made our list and for good reason; he’s a creep! Beyond that,he and his policy ideas are terrible such as banning same-sex couples from adopting children and many other bad ideas that his party has. Also, he was part of the crowd that thought Antifa was behind the insurrection on Jan. 6, asked Donald Trump for a pardon days before his departure from office,and is accused of sex trafficking young women from other states to have sex with him. All in all this dude is just a creep and a bad person who shouldn’t be in office and is serving his constituents very poorly if you ask me. 

FriendsNotTextingBack28. Unresponsive friends

Multi-year selection

It’s been a rough time for many of us the last nearly two years or so. Many of us still haven’t seen one another and we’re talking to each other less and less. However, what really bothers me is when someone isn’t responsive at all. It makes you wonder if that friend really cares about you at all. I remember when I had COVID and I was texting people about it,all but one person responded back and when it came to the one person that didn’t,it really hurt and honestly,it still does. I get that we’re all busy, but when someone tells you something like that or something as important, give them the time of day and respond to them. Show them that you care. Sometimes that’s all someone wants. Ignoring them is only going to hurt them more and make them want nothing to do with you and push them away. We need to come closer together,not apart.

Confederate Monuments-Richmond

27. Statues of traitors

First year selection

One thing that’s brought a smile to my face this year is seeing the statues of traitorous generals of the Confederacy come down one by one. I have a message for the folks doing this: Keep going! Why are we celebrating not only the losers of the Civil War but also people who were traitors of this country? And why were we celebrating them to begin with? One thing that many people don’t know is that many of these statues were put up long after the Civil War ended to intimidate black people. They weren’t erected right after the war at all. It’s great to see these come down, it’s not erasing history at all because the last time I checked you don’t learn history from a statue of someone who finished second in the Civil War and who was a traitor. If you want these in a museum,that’s one thing, but to keep up racist monuments like this is another and honestly,it’s an atrocious thing to have to celebrate and commemorate. Tear them down,baby,one and all!

Filibuster26. The filibuster in the U.S. Senate

First year selection

The Democrats control the House,the Senate,and the presidency (for now) and if they truly want to get anything done legislatively,they need to get rid of the filibuster so that the majority rules. Why should anything require 60 votes to pass? If it’s in the name of bipartisanship, that ship sailed a long time ago. The other side isn’t interested in that, they don’t want to help you pass anything. Not a single one of them. So why not eliminate the thing that’s preventing you from passing whatever you need to in order to advance the agenda of not only the party,but only the country? I have a feeling that they’re really not interested in passing things the people want them to pass because,well,they’re the Democrats and they enjoy losing elections and only doing minimal change that doesn’t get them re-elected. Nevertheless it has to go. A 51-49 majority should be enough for legislation to pass. If the Republicans take over both chambers of Congress next year (highly likely) they will more than likely eliminate it and the Democrats will be kicking themselves for not doing it. More on the Democrats wanting a stronger Republican Party later in the countdown!


25. Superteams

Multi-year selection

This is returning to our list because I absolutely hate when the NBA (and now the NFL) does this. When certain players recruit other superstars to play alongside them to win a championship it makes it not only less competitive,but less fun to watch most of the top talent in the league play on only a few teams. It makes the rest of the league look irrelevant and it’s harder for those teams to get better and be in the playoff hunt. My Sacramento Kings last made the playoffs since I was 24 years old, I turn 40 in two months. Not to say that it’s because of superteams that they can’t win,but it’s definitely part of the equation. I wish there was a way to make this go away,but these leagues are making money off of this and I don’t see it vanishing anytime soon.

FunPolice24. The fun police

First year selection

This had to make the list because we’ve had a lot of these people the past year. You know the ones, the folks who want to limit the fun you want to have because they’re either jealous or spiteful or even too cautious. After the hellish time we’ve had, we don’t need anyone in the way when it comes to having fun, we deserve it. Life is short and is meant to be lived,not to be hidden away in a closet forever. I’ll be damned if people tell me not to have fun, especially if it’s in a fun setting. Wet blankets like the fun police just want to bring everyone down because they’re already miserable. Not happening here,fam!

MeanCoWorkers23. Mean co-workers

Second year selection

This has made our list for the second straight year and for good reason, it’s because working with mean people is no fun. Not only that,but their continued hostility towards others makes for a bad work environment,one that’s driven me away from many workplaces over the years. They also live to be this mean and unpleasant which honestly says more about them than anything else. They’re the most insecure people, the ones with the least personality and probably had the best years of their lives around high school and it’s been a downhill slide ever since. It’s also just unnecessary for them to be as salty as they are. We’re all a part of the same team, let’s have each other’s backs,not bring everyone down.

TooMuchIce22. Fast food places putting too much ice in drinks

Second year selection

This is making a repeat appearance on the list and it’s because I hate that this happens. It did not used to be this way when I worked in food service,but there is way too much ice in drinks. Time and time again my drink is filled nearly to the brim with ice and before anyone says I should ask for less ice, I say this: I shouldn’t have to!

Also,the drink on its own is pretty damn cold already, there’s no need to make me drink 90-percent soda water. Stop being cheapskates and give me more of the drink I paid a ridiculous amount for in the first place.

Autodraft21. Autodrafting in fantasy football

First time selection

I am gonna come out and say this: Autodrafting in fantasy football is stupid and should be outlawed. Yep,you read that correctly, I don’t think there should be autodrafting in fantasy football or any fantasy sport. Why? Because it’s a commitment that you should have to be present for in terms of selecting your roster and also, going to a live draft in person is awesome! My own league had its first live one in 2018 and it was a blast and I have done one ever since save for last year. Honestly,the draft is probably the best part of being in a fantasy league. I will never have an online draft again where people have the option to not even show up and let a computer do the work. It shouldn’t even be an option for this whatsoever. Show up or don’t play! 

Part Five comes your way tomorrow!

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