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Odds & Ends-Volume 57


OddsEndsGreen Sewage BaseballAnother baseball season is upon us and it’s another year where the Oakland A’s are once again having sewage problems at their outdated,oversized baseball stadium complete with third deck tarps.

On Saturday, the A’s and Giants were to play their third and final exhibition game of their spring traning series at the Coliseum,but was rained out combined with the backing up of the showers and toilets in the clubhouse of the A’s.

First of all, thank goodness this game was canceled, I was sick of seeing the Giants lose to this team,but I do feel bad for the folks who came to the game to have it not happen. This is becoming a serious joke,folks. How is it that a league that has $8 billion in revenue annually has one of its teams have this problem with their stadium time and time again? Maybe if Bud Selig stopped ignoring the A’s stadium issues this team would probably be playing in a new stadium by now.

Currently the A’s are scheduled to be playing at the Coliseum through the 2015 season. After that,it’s anyone’s guess. Larry Baer,CEO of the Giants,said the team would welcome sharing AT&T Park with the A’s while a new stadium was built so long as that stadium gets built in Oakland, but the A’s want to build a stadium in San Jose where the Giants have territorial rights.

I think what will ultimately happen is the A’s will finally be heard by Selig, a stadium agreement will be in place for San Jose, the Giants will get compensation in exchange for their territorial rights,and the A’s will play in the Coliseum until their new San Jose digs are complete.

DeSean Jackson is now a free agent after the Eagles released him on Friday. The Eagles thought Jackson had an association with gangs,which was their alleged DeSeanJacksonreason for doing so despite Jackson never having been arrested or any other trouble with the law in his six seasons in Philadelphia.

I personally think his release is more than that or just a copout. I think Chip Kelly and the team wanted to go in a different direction with their team and Jackson just didn’t fit in their plans,which is why they initially tried to trade him but the value for him was too high.
Jackson now has nine teams who are interested in him, including the Washington Redskins. I personally would love to have him on my team, I think any team would. It will be very interesting to see where he ends up, especially if it’s an NFC East team who signs him. You know who should sign him because they have no wide receivers at the moment? The Carolina Panthers. Get on the goddamn phone!

76ersKeeping it in Philadelphia, the 76ers finally won a game for a change on Saturday, beating the Detroit Pistons at home 123-98 and ending their 26-game losing streak, tied for worst in NBA history (2010-11 Cleveland Cavaliers).

“It’s (breaking the league record losing streak) not something I want to be a part of,” 76ers guard Michael Carter-Williams said, “so it’s great that we got this win.”

This streak was embarrassing for this team. How does anyone expect guys who would barely make a D-League team to try and win? It is unbelievable that this streak got this out of hand in the first place. I get that the 76ers are hoping to get a high draft pick in the draft lottery and this year’s draft has some promising talent in it, but to lose this many games in a row is absolutely stunning. I think part of it has to do with the league itself and the lack of balance there is in it. All the really good players are on teams like Miami, Los Angeles, and Oklahoma City while teams in other markets are struggling to attract talent. I’ve said it before, if the NBA had a franchise tag like the NFL, more players would stay in cities like Minneapolis or Sacramento or Denver and so on. Streaks like the one the 76ers were just on shouldn’t be happening.

Further proof that student-athletes don’t really have it that bad,I give you this…




This is a final term paper written by a football at the University of North Carolina about Rosa Parks. This 180-word paper received an A-minus back in 2010.

As explained in part of an ESPN segment, North Carolina football players were allegedly put into “paper classes” in the African-American Studies department that didn’t require regular attendance and gave a passing grade to anyone with a functional third-grade reading level.

I was appalled that a passing grade was given to that paper. I’ve written better papers than that one that have received failing grades. Not only should that paper never receive an A-minus,but those students should probably lose their scholarships and administrators should be out of jobs. Unbelievable!




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  1. I would just say that it is the “student” that they short change by allowing these sorts of things… it leaves them unprepared for life after sports, and it rewards far fewer than it harms…. Self discipline is an unfathomably valuable tool in life, this includes the ability to take for granted what the world demands, and to meet those demands with qualified excellence… And instead they teach them how to game the system- to cheat their way through life? Reprehensible!

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