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The Things That Need to Go in 2021-Part One


Hello everyone,

Welcome to our countdown of The Things That Need to go in 2021. This is a collection of the trends, people, phrases,and anything else you can think of that need to go when we arrive at,hopefully,a better new year. This is Part One of our countdown where we will reveal items 100-81 of the list. 

Disclaimer: This list is for entertainment purposes and is meant to be taken semi-seriously, so keep that in mind when you read the list. We’re just trying to have fun here!

Here’s our countdown and here’s #100!

KTextMessage100. Texting back “K”

First year selection


Other than getting no response back at all for a text, getting a K back is pretty awful.

For starters, it’s a conversation killer. There’s no real way to respond to the 11th letter in our alphabet when it’s texted back. None. I have no idea how to respond to that (Okay,the above response in the picture is great,but other than that…).

It also means so much and so little at the same time. Are you mad at me? Are you too busy to say something more meaningful? I just don’t know.

Anyways, I am rambling a bit. Just don’t text back K to anyone. Ever. Please?

PoliticalConventions99. Political conventions

First year selection

I absolutely disliked both conventions this year. I hate the Republican Convention for appealing to their racist base and talking nothing about policy and wanting to help people. The Democratic Convention did nothing more than to appeal to centrists and moderates rather than their progressive base and their whole message was “Trump bad”. It made me even wonder why we even need these conventions when we already know who will be nominated anyways and most of the time nowadays it’s the lesser of two evils however you decide to see it.

I think these conventions are becoming useless when it comes to talking about policy and getting your message across to people who aren’t sure who they want to vote for. Saying the other person is bad and is scary is not a policy position. Unless you’re willing to do this in one of your conventions, it’s time for this waste of time to be done away with.


YassQueen98. The phrase “YAAASSS!!! Queen!”

First year selection

I am probably in the minority on this one,but I don’t care because this phrase is downright annoying.

It’s just as annoying as when a few years ago everyone was saying “Slay!”. Not only that,but more often than not it’s used towards people who don’t necessarily deserve to be called a queen, Nancy Pelosi is one person who comes to mind that I would not use this phrase with,but more on her later on in the list.

It’s just not a good phrase to use and it annoys the crap out of me, not as much as other phrases, but enough to make the very beginning of our countdown.

COVID-1997.  People who think COVID-19 is a U.S. thing only

First year selection

I hope to God this is the only time I have to write about this because I don’t understand how people don’t understand that COVID-19 isn’t just an America thing, but a global pandemic. Yes, other countries have had an easier time dealing with it, but they’re still getting cases like we are, but in smaller numbers. Your terrible government has done a terrible job managing it, which has resulted in the hundreds of thousands of deaths we’ve had as a result. 

And also, to those of you who said it would go away on Nov. 4, thanks for playing. Not only did it not go away, things got way worse. I wish people would take this more seriously. I get it,you’re fatigued from all of this,so am I. Nobody wants their life back more than I do,but if you don’t follow safety guidelines so that we have a fighting chance at fighting this pandemic, your leaders who are already acting authoritarian are going to continue that behavior and make your lives the living hell that they already are. Play ball,fam!

80sReeboks96. Reeboks from the 1980s

First year selection

Can anyone tell me why these ever made a comeback? 

Not only were Reeboks from that era ugly then,but they’re even uglier now and for the life of me I can’t understand why they ever came back. These shoes back then looked like shoes that only rich white kids would wear with jacked-up tube socks with three big ass stripes up top. They still look that way now,only much worse.

These shoes gotta go,fam,once and for all! These are just about as bad as Dad sneakers,which by the way we will get to later on in the countdown!

mccloskeys95. The McCloskeys

First year selection

These people made the list because they’re downright awful. Not because they’re personal injury attorneys/ambulance chasers, not because they’re terrible at pointing their guns at people, but because they did that at a moment where there was no threat to them whatsoever. They look like unpleasant people to be around and like they’re dishonest at best.

I think the only thing that would’ve spared them from this list is if they were wearing the clothes they wore the day they pointed guns at peaceful protesters during their RNC appearance, but they didn’t and that left me disappointed. I definitely wanted to see her in that Hamburglar shirt again. I think this is the only time they’ll make this list,but I have said that about others before and they made it again,so we’ll see.

HOA94. Homeowners associations

First year selection

Now I understand that not all of these groups are bad and they provide great things for communities, but the more I hear about them, the more I’m starting to not like the idea of one. When I hear about some of the ticky-tack stuff they won’t let people do to their homes,such as putting up a new front door without their permission or not being able to paint it a certain color. Even if you want to hang an American flag, you have to get approval. I think if you own a house,you should be able to do what you want with it. Period. It’s your house, not theirs.

It seems less worth it to have an HOA at the cost of personal freedoms and individualism when it comes to your own home. There are communities who are more welcoming with what you want to do with the house you own outright, these bureaucrats can kick rocks!

ChrisCillizza93. Chris Cillizza

First year selection

There are some decent people on CNN and there are others who are beyond awful at what they do, and Chris Cillizza is of the latter.

Cillizza in the past has declared that Kamala Harris was the top presidential candidate to beat Trump (she dropped out before any primary or caucus was held), admits that policy is less important to him than decorum, and all but begged to have Michelle Obama be vice president alongside Joe Biden earlier in the year. He also sets records for dislikes in any video he puts out,especially one where he does nothing but crap on Bernie Sanders and his supporters. 

He is just awful at whatever the hell it is he does and it’s because of people like him that more and more younger people are turning elsewhere for news because these mainstream guys like him are full of it and spout out nothing but word salads (More on that later). I would love to see this guy off the air at CNN and the money they pay him going to real journalists, but since those news outlets aren’t interested in doing that, I wouldn’t hold my breath about him being canned anytime soon. What a shame!

Auschwitz92. Taking sexy pictures at Auschwitz

First year selection

There are many great places throughout this world to take sexy pictures of yourself, but Auschwitz is far from one of them.

There were multiple occasions where I saw pictures of people at the former slaughter site of Jewish people posing for the camera trying to look attractive. Former presidential candidate and wine cave resident Pete Buttigieg was one of them that did this. It’s not okay to do this,folks. Not here, not now,not ever. It’s so tone deaf to do this, something Democrats are good at being,by the way, but nonetheless, I don’t condone trying to look sexy for the camera at a place that had haunting memories for so many. It’s not right no matter who you are.

mikelindell91. Mike Lindell,the My Pillow guy

First year selection

Here’s a guy who is one of the biggest snake oil salesmen out there. Mike Lindell,the My Pillow guy is not only one of Trump’s biggest butt sniffers, but he’s also a guy who peddles poisonous “cures” for the coronavirus. This summer Lindell promoted oleandrin as a cure for the virus when in fact that in low doses the oleander plant is very poisonous. He also got Ben Carson to try and help him sell Trump on it as well,not to mention Carson took this to treat his own case of COVID and nearly died. 

He along with Ricky Schroder bailed that clown Kyle Rittenhouse out of prison. Yikes!

Not only that,but he’s gotten an F rating from the Better Business Bureau based on numerous complaints from consumers regarding his magic pillow. I get that he’s a former drug addict and he’s turned his life around and that is commendable,but at the same time he is a snake oil salesman and should not be trusted to peddle pillows or cures for viruses. He is also running for Governor of Minnesota in 2022 and I can’t wait to see him finish seventh in the primary. Imma get my popcorn ready for that. 

NewsWatching90. People who shame you for watching the news

First year selection

I have,believe it or not,been shamed by people for watching the news. It’s true! I don’t get it,either.

What’s the big deal about wanting to be informed? Does the truth bother you? It makes me wonder where these idiots get their information from, but then I remember that these are more than likely the same kind of folks who get all the information and news they need from a meme. If you get your news from a meme, you are probably the one who needs to be shamed, not educated people like myself. 

ChuckWoolery89. Chuck Woolery

First year selection

Chuck Woolery was a great game show host once upon a time. He hosted Wheel of Fortune, he then moved on to do Scrabble and of course, Love Connection (back in two and two). But now he’s only famous for being a hardcore Trump supporter and being as crazy as other Trump loving celebrities like James Woods and Jon Voight. 

He also posted conspiracy theories about COVID-19 until his son got the disease,then he apologized and then went off of Twitter for a while. Then,for some reason, he came back and that’s why he’s on the list. Nobody wanted you back on Twitter,Chuck! We had a good thing going when you left the social media platform. You haven’t been relevant since the early 1990s,dude. Just enjoy retirement and stay away forever in two-and-two.

HowManyFingers88. Asking people who aren’t wearing their glasses or are wearing contacts “How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up?”

First year selection

If there’s one thing I do get kind of sick of when I am not wearing my glasses or am wearing contacts, it’s when people ask how many fingers they’re holding up. Spoiler alert: I can still tell. Noted, not everyone who has bad eyesight can still tell, I know people who definitely cannot, but I have a milder prescription than some and can give you the right answer.

But that’s not mainly the reason this is on the list. The main reason it is here is because there’s no need to ask this. If people are wearing corrective lenses, there’s a reason why, it’s because they can’t see. Take their word for them not having as good of eyesight as people who don’t need help seeing. Don’t ask them how many fingers you have up, it’s patronizing and unnecessary and nobody really cares.

SmokingOnBikes87. People who smoke on bikes

Second year selection

This made our list last year and it was honestly one of my favorite items to put on here. Why? Because it’s kind of a funny item and also,there’s no point to smoking on a bike. That would be like eating a Quarter Pounder with cheese on a treadmill or putting beef jerky on your ice cream. 

Like I said last year, doing this is pretty counterproductive in terms of your lungs and your body and there’s no point to it whatsoever. However,it’s a funny item to put on the list and fun is really what this list is about. 


VelcroVans86. People who claim something “is in style” when it really isn’t

First year selection

I love when someone claims something is in style when it’s really not. A couple months back a co-worker of mine claimed that Vans with Velcro straps were in style and they clearly aren’t. At all. Currently at press time I have yet to see people wearing Vans with velcro straps en masse before or after they said that.

Now if they had said that white Nike Air Force 1’s are in style, that would have been a correct statement, ditto with checkerboard Vans slip-ons. But not velcro Vans and I have a hard time seeing that happening anytime soon.

That’s just a prime example of not keeping a pulse on what’s really in style at the moment. You can like and wear something and make it your own style, that’s cool, but it doesn’t mean that everyone is doing it. Just sayin’!

NewsUpdate85. News updates on sports radio stations

First year selection

I may be one of the few people that probably cares about this whatsoever, but there’s a reason people tune to sports stations on the radio, to hear about sports. News updates not pertaining to sports need not be on a sports station.

Case in point, the main sports station in my area for some reason has news updates at the top and bottom of every hour and not only that, but the update guy and the main show host will often get into a long tangent after the update about what was talked about during the news update and it goes on way too long. It’s actually made me not want to tune in because I’m not there to hear about the news, I want to hear about sports. If I want to hear about news, I’ll listen to a news station. Provide sports updates instead, ain’t nothing wrong with that!

Madden2184. NFL players crying over their Madden ratings

First year selection

Is there anything worse than an NFL player whining about how good they are and should be on a video game? 

There’s been a trend for players to gripe about their player rating on Madden for a few years now and it’s become annoying. You’re not a 99? Who cares!

I get why fans sometimes complain and it’s because Madden does get it wrong from time to time, but when players do it, it just shows that they care more about their status on what they’re rated overall on a video game than on the actual field. Maybe try getting better there and maybe your Madden rating will go higher. Ask DeAndre Hopkins!

KBennett83. Kaitlin Bennett

Second year selection

Everyone’s favorite curly-haired gun toter is back and is in the same spot she was in when she was last on the countdown for The Things That Need to Go in 2019.

But her advocacy for guns is not why she’s here. She is here simply because she’s this wannabe correspondent on YouTube thinking she’s doing genuine gotcha journalism when, in fact, she’s doing propaganda that’s not even that good to begin with. Not only that,but she’s one of those people who is hard pressed to accept the reality that Trump lost,reminiscent of those who couldn’t accept his win four years earlier (I accepted that he won,but chose to not recognize his presidency,there’s a difference!)

Maybe instead of doing this she should get a real job. I think she would be great at the drive-thru window at Zaxby’s. She might even get weekends off,you never know!

gumonground82. People who throw their gum on the ground

Fourth year selection

There are a lot of things that aren’t fun to step in and one of the worst for me is gum. It used to happen to me a lot more back when I was still working in the grocery business, but now when it does happen, it’s still just as annoying. 

It’s especially annoying if you wear Vans and you step in gum wearing your Vans because the gum gets stuck in the waffle sole of your shoe and it takes a little more effort to get it off of your shoe because of how the sole is designed.

Why does this happen? Because a lot of morons can’t seem to locate a proper place to dispose of their gum and choose to make victims out of my shoes that I worked very hard for and that now have gum on them. Thanks a lot! 

RahmEmanuel81. Rahm “Learn to Code” Emanuel

First year selection

We end Part One with someone that was actually a late edition and I think it’s past time he ended up here. Emanuel was Barack Obama’s puppet mayor of Chicago who did a terrible job of running that city during the time he was there. Crime went way up, dozens of schools closed and the cover-up of the murder of Laquan McDonald by Chicago Police was orchestrated by him. Not only was he a bad mayor,but he’s a bad Democrat,he hates anything that’s progressive whatsoever and he’s bad at messaging.

During the never-ending pandemic, he told those who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own to “learn to code”,which was regarded as a statement that was out of touch and tone deaf on his part,which a lot of Democrats seem to be a lot of the time and they never really change from that.

Emanuel is just another reminder to me that the Democrats are not good and they continue to be the party that ignores their base and are never going to change to be a better party for working people or are interested in winning elections. Don’t worry,we’ll have more terrible establishment Dems in the rest of our countdown. They deserve to be there just as much as Emanuel.


We’ll have Part Two tomorrow!


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