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Reviewing the New Washington Wizards uniforms and logo

I found out about the Wizards changing their colors back to the original red,white,and blue before the start of this season and was anticipating a name change back to their former name, the Washington Bullets, which was changed in 1997 because of the crime problems in Washington D.C. Yesterday was the day the Wizards unveiled their new look for 2012.

While the team did not revert back to the Bullets name  (probably because of the Gilbert Arenas fiasco a couple of years ago), the logo looks alright in the new colors. I also like the alternate logos as well:

The DC logo goes back to their Bullets roots and I think it looks cool, what looks cooler is the basketball with the star on it and the W above written in the basketball stitches and the monument on the bottom. Very very creative. 

The uniforms themselves are a nod to the past with a present twist. I love the old school striping on them and the colors mesh well together. A much much better improvement over the old blue,black,and bronze uniforms. Those uniforms were so 1990s and I hope they stay there to be long forgotten. I am sure Wizards fans are pleased to see their team go back to their old colors. Not to mention their hockey cousins, the Capitals, ditched their own blue,black,and bronze uniforms in 2007 in favor of their old red,white,and blue colors. 

Come to think of it,this is Washington, and what colors are more appropriate to wear as a sports team in that town?

These are definitely an improvement over what they had, I would love to see an alternate version of the away set in blue, that would look really cool, and maybe they deliver on that someday, for the time being, the Wizards’ new threads get a…

Thumbs Up!

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  1. A nice mix of retro and modern. Love the colours. Kinda similar to the look of the Caps, but there’s nothing wrong with that. I think the only thing that could be revised is the logo.

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