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The Things That Need to Go in 2021-Part Two


Hello Fam,

Welcome back to our countdown of The Things That Need to go in 2021. This is a collection of the trends, people, phrases,and anything else you can think of that need to go when we arrive at,hopefully,a better new year. This is Part Two of our countdown where we will reveal items 80-61 of the list. 

Disclaimer: This list is for entertainment purposes and is meant to be taken semi-seriously, so keep that in mind when you read the list. We’re just trying to have fun here!

Here’s our countdown and here’s #80!

ZimmermanSkittles80. George Zimmerman

Fifth year selection

I don’t think this prick is ever going away, but I sure do want him to. 

Not only did he kill Trayvon Martin,but he’s kinda made himself a celebrity out of it. When I’m seeing this parasite signing bags of Skittles (which was what Martin had in his hand when he was killed by Zimmerman) two years after he did it, it makes me even more upset that he wasn’t put in jail for what he did. Not only that,but he’s doing this in a room with Confederate flags. 

This man is a racist, he’s a menace to society, and I have a strong feeling that this man is going to kill again. This man needs to leave society and live in a jail cell where he belongs.

microwavingfish79. The co-worker who microwaves fish in the breakroom

Fourth year selection

It wouldn’t be a Things That Need to go list without this selection and while I didn’t hear of any instances of people doing it this year, you know there are people who still do, even when they’re working from home.

First of all, why? Microwaved fish smells terrible. Ask anyone, and I mean anyone who has a sense of smell and they’ll tell you. 

If this is what you’re bringing to eat for lunch at work, let me just take you to lunch,we’ll get whatever you want so long as it’s not a trout you plan to warm up for 90 seconds to gross out the rest of the office.

78. Stephen A. Smith whining about the Knicks not winning the NBA Draft Lottery

First year selection

If there are two things we can count on regarding the Knicks and the NBA Draft, it’s this: Fans booing whoever they pick and Stephen A. Smith whining about where they ended up finishing in the NBA Draft Lottery.

For the last couple of years the ESPN commentator has been fuming over the Knicks not winning the NBA Draft Lottery feeling that the universe somehow owes them for the team’s lack of on-the-court success and feeling that they need some sort of star power to draw fans back to Madison Square Garden. The problem with that is that some fans may think the league is rigging the draft (again) so the Knicks finish first even if the results of the lottery are legit. I’m not saying the Knicks should never get the top pick, they should if they rightly won it, but it would seem like a questionable contest. Stephen A. does whine about this a lot and never seems to be happy with what the Knicks do,even when they draft a stud like Obi Toppin. He should be happy that a guy like Toppin would even want to be there,let alone anyone. 

We’ll have more about draft lotteries later in this segment.

Science77. Science being a partisan issue

First year selection

I don’t understand why science is such a partisan issue these days,especially with a pandemic that is never-ending and so many people not listening to advice of people who have studied science and devoted their life to it and instead listening to whatever right-wing conspiracy theorist who has no medical background whatsoever or reads whatever meme speaks to whatever truths they have in their own minds.

I’m willing to listen to someone who is more involved in science than some random YouTube host who has no involvement in it whatsoever. It would be like instead of going to an optometrist to get your eyes checked, you would go to see some random guy behind a laundromat whose only method of checking your vision is a ViewMaster taped to a chair. Or having dental surgery in the garage. Nobody with half a brain would do this,so why listen to some rando who doesn’t believe in the subject to begin with?

Don’t make science a partisan issue, make it a human interest issue.

DennisMiller76. The idea that conservatives are funny

Third year selection

This item was left off of last year’s list,but it’s back this year. Why? Because conservatives,as hard as they try,are really not that funny.

Whether it be someone who used to be funny like Tim Allen with his unfunny sitcom Last Man Standing to someone who’s never been funny like Donald Trump trying to crack a joke when nothing he says or does is intentionally hilarious, conservatives seem to not have the funny bone the other side does. And before anyone says Dennis Miller is funny, he hasn’t been that since he was a liberal. Maybe they do have a sense of humor and each side just has a different sense of humor, I don’t know,but oftentimes I don’t find what that side thinks is humor funny at all. It’s just a known fact that the left is funnier than the right and is better equipped to take a joke. It’s been that way for a while now and it isn’t changing anytime soon no matter how much you want it too!

PeteButtigiegRolledUpSleeves75. Politicians with rolled-up sleeves

First year selection

I know this is a minor thing,but I still don’t like it very much. When political candidates roll up their sleeves pretending to “get to work” on our problems it seems so facetious and far from genuine. I know for a fact that they aren’t going to help us and will only cater to the rich people they’re in the same class with to do their bidding and continue with business as usual in keeping things the way they are (more on that later in the list). Doing this doesn’t signal to me that you care about helping the country, it sends me the message that you’re fake and pandering like you always do. So pull your sleeves down and button them back up and do us all a favor and don’t run for office. Go play golf or count your money or whatever the hell it is you do when you aren’t pretending to care about people suffering and pandering to get their vote.

KamalaTrumpBirther74. Birthers

Second year selection

I can’t believe we have to talk about birtherism in the year 2020, but here we are and this time it’s not for Barack Obama. Not long after Kamala Harris was picked as Joe Biden’s running mate, a conspiracy theory came about that she wasn’t qualified to serve as vice president. This is very untrue as she was born in California. That’s it,end of story.

It’s bad enough that people tried to get the “Obama was born in Kenya” smear to stick, it’s just as bad that they tried it again with Harris. I myself have a lot of issues with our Vice President-elect besides when people gush over what sneakers she has on (more on that later in the countdown), but I won’t deny that she wasn’t born here, that’s just denying the truth. When you don’t accept reality such as this,the delusion sets in and the last thing I think anyone should be is delusional.

sneakerswithsuits73. Sneakers with suits

Multiple year selection

If there’s one fashion trend I am done with, it’s seeing sneakers being worn with suits. My uncle thinks brown dress shoes with blue suits should be here instead, but you can find a way to pull those off. Not only has it become mainstream to do this,but even people on the news as well as ESPN and NFL Network wear obnoxious looking sneakers with suits that cost thousands of dollars.

I get that they’re more comfortable,but they’re just not proper. Maybe I am just old school like that and honestly I don’t care, I think dress shoes look better with suits. Always have,always will. Can’t find any that go with what you’re wearing? Call me, I will help you out, I am good at this!

KidsOnLeashes72. Kids on leashes

Sixth year selection

This item dropped from 46 to 72 this year and even though I don’t see it as much,especially this year because we’re not allowed to go anywhere anymore, it’s still awful.

Your little one is not a doggie and I’m confident that they aren’t enjoying being on a leash. I also have a feeling that they’re going to develop trust issues and will rebel against you really hard when they get older. My nieces and my nephew who are all under the age of five are not on leashes because their loving parents keep a watchful eye on them. It doesn’t seem to be hard for them.

I’m sure if I had kids of my own I might feel slightly different, but since I am not, I can feel however I want to about it and this last staple is back because of it.

San Francisco Giants v Texas Rangers, Game 4

71. Aubrey Huff

First year selection

Former thong wearer and major league baseball player Aubrey Huff has made the list. He was also the first item on the brainstorming list this year and oftentimes that item makes the final cut. 

Huff is a big batch of crazy that has made death threats against a sitting U.S. senator and presidential candidate and talked about kidnapping Iranian women and making them fan him and feed him grapes. Those comments got him banned from the 10-year anniversary of the 2010 San Francisco Giants world series team he was part of. That reunion has yet to take place due to the pandemic which Huff exclaims is no big deal. 

He has also claimed that Donald Trump won California in last month’s presidential election by over five million votes. There’s no which way around it, the dude is crazy and drunk on right wing politics and is way too far gone. I am glad the Giants have distanced themselves from this nutcase. Perhaps more people in society should follow suit.

JointFacebookAccounts70. Joint Facebook accounts

Third year selection

Though not as high on the list as last year, joint Facebook accounts are back on the list. Why? Because these are just plain stupid.

Nothing screams I can’t be trusted on my own like a joint Facebook account. I automatically think someone cheated on the other when I see one of these. You mean to tell me that you’re incapable of having something like your own Facebook account? Who are you?

Not only that,but I usually take these folks on in debates on social media and I crush every time. Why? Because I’m awesome and don’t have to share a Facebook account with nobody. Take that!

HouseForSale69. The high cost of housing

Second year selection

This is making the list yet again because it’s way too expensive to afford a house nowadays. I would love to buy one,but it’s hard to save any money to put a down payment on one as well as getting costs to stay down.

I am in California where it’s a miracle to stay put. I have no intentions of leaving and wish not to. However, all the folks from the Bay Area who are getting priced out of that area are now doing the same to us here simply by moving to my area. 

I think more should be done to make housing more affordable and give better chances for people to get their first home like myself that haven’t been able to where they are now who shouldn’t have to live elsewhere to find that special place.

BayBridgeTrophy68. The Bay Bridge Series Trophy

First year selection

There are many things about the Bay Bridge series to love,but there are others I don’t and this trophy is one of them. First of all,it was made up by the A’s and their broadcasters and the Giants had little to do with it. Secondly, it’s hideous and not to mention meaningless. I get that it was made with actual pieces of the old span of the Bay Bridge,but winning it doesn’t mean that much to me as say winning the World Series trophy at the end of the season does and has. In fact,it’s happened three times in my life. The A’s have yet to net a World Series appearance in the 21st century. Regular season series do not need trophies,especially this one.

WaronChristmas67. The “War on Christmas”

Sixth year selection

The fake War on Christmas that doesn’t exist is back for its sixth selection. 

There is no war on Christmas when 75-percent of Americans identify as Christians and 90-percent of them celebrate Christmas. Nobody is taking it away just because some people prefer to say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”. You know what I say when someone says “Happy Holidays” to me? I say “Thank you, and to you the same!”, and the same goes for “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Hanukkah”, or “A Festivus for the Rest of Us”. We live in a divided society,folks,and if someone even says anything nice to you, it should be acknowledged and appreciated. Don’t be sour if someone doesn’t say “Merry Christmas” to you. 

Also, if Starbucks doesn’t put a Christmas tree on a coffee cup, get over it. There are bigger things to worry about in life.

WashFbTeam66. The name the Washington Football Team

First year selection

I have a feeling that this is the only year this item makes the list,but with Daniel Snyder’s history as owner of this team being downright awful with a laundry list of questionable decisions, you just might see it again if he keeps this putrid name for his awful football team.

Let’s note,though,that the move to change the name was the right move, but to change it to this was laughable but understandable, but when he suggested he might keep it if it grew on fans it made me think that this should be on the list. 

I published a column a little but ago about possible names that could work for this team and I think should be considered. I do think that ultimately a new name will be chosen, but if it’s not and this name stays, you will continue to see this item on the list in the future.

NoImageAvailable65. The tag on the bottom of T-shirts

First year selection

If there’s one thing that doesn’t belong on clothing, it’s that blank white tag at the bottom of T-shirts. Why is there? What’s it for? Why do I have to cut it off when I get a new shirt? It doesn’t make any sense to me. I wish I had more to say on this other than this has to not be a thing anymore. There’s no reason why a blank white tag needs to be on the bottom of a T-shirt. If you have a reason, you’re lying and you’re making stuff up. 

TedCruzPhoneBank64.  Ted Cruz

First year selection?

I think this might be the first time this blobfish has made the final list. I could be wrong,but my archives show nothing else in regards to him when it comes to the list,so nonetheless here he is.

Ted Cruz is such a rube. Not only was he such a slurper of Trump,he did it at the expense of insults directed at certain family members. He,like a lot of other politicians in both parties, doesn’t believe in anything and just wants to be in power for power’s sake. Not only that,but a lot of what he is about is fake. Like he tried to outlaw porn in Texas,but later on was found to like a post on Twitter that was porn!

There’s next to not much to like about him at all,but the reason he is so low on this list is because it’s easy to dunk on him on social media. Like his Thanksgiving post on Twitter, he got ratioed like crazy. That never gets old to see Teddy boy get served when needed. The only good thing he ever put out is the video of him in high school wanting to be in teen tit films as what he aspired to be. 

Shooting_range63. CATCH-ALL: People who post pictures of themselves on social media at gun ranges and mask holsters

Fourth year and first year selections

After a few years away, people who post themselves on social media at gun ranges are back on the list. Why? Because it’s dumb!

Why does anyone or why should anyone care that you’re firing a gun at aMaskHolsters range? Why does this need to be on Instagram? Why do we need to know about this? Honestly, the only reason that people post these pictures on social media is so that somebody will care about them because they’re firing a gun at something. I don’t need a gun at all because I live in a safe neighborhood and I don’t bother anybody. 

As for gun holsters on masks, that’s probably one of the dumbest things I have seen and an accident waiting to happen. Play stupid games,win stupid prizes!

DraftLottery62. Draft lotteries

Second year selection

Draft lotteries have made our countdown for the second time and the reason why is because the very thing that they were supposed to prevent-tanking-is still happening.

Does it happen as much? No,but it does happen and it doesn’t give teams much incentive to get better or even finish ninth in the playoff race and maybe build onto just missing out on the postseason. Teams would rather finish near the bottom and blow it all up before they build onto being on the brink of being a postseason team and it’s kinda sad.

Not only that,but there are teams who should be getting top picks that don’t and it further hinders those teams from truly getting better and prolongs their playoff droughts. 

I think we should try going back to the worst team getting the first pick in the draft again. The NFL does it and you don’t see teams getting continuous top overall draft picks every year. Just a thought!

SupremeCourt61. Nine justices on the Supreme Court

First year selection

I’m gonna be honest, it’s time for the Supreme Court to expand. The 6-3 majority is not only an unfair one, but it was one that was designed by the right to prevent any sort of progress to occur for the next 30-40 years. So there’s only one solution, it’s time to pack the courts. The court hasn’t expanded in over 150 years, there’s absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t expand to 13. It’s only fair since Republicans got to pack it three times during Trump’s sorry excuse for a presidency. If I was President, I would do this yesterday. It’s time for it to happen, unfortunately the Democrats don’t have enough of a spine to even do it because they fear change just as much as Republicans do.

Part Three comes your way tomorrow!

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