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Reviewing the Los Angeles Rams’ New Uniforms

Four years after their return to Los Angeles, the Rams unveiled their new uniforms today ahead of their move into SoFi Stadium this coming season and a couple of months after unveiling their horrible new logo.RamsNewUnis

“SoFi Stadium is an iconic, transformative stadium that encouraged us to design uniforms as innovative as our new home,” Rams CEO Kevin Demoff said in a team press release, “Our new uniforms preserve the storied legacy of the Rams with the horns at the heart of the design, while introducing vibrant colors and groundbreaking materials. We are proud to unveil a modern look for our players to wear as we begin this exciting new era for the Los Angeles Rams.”

I have no idea what he’s talking about in terms of these uniforms being innovative, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

The helmet is a metallic royal blue with gold horns that mirror the team’s new logo and does match the rest of the uniform, whereas their throwback set was a darker blue than the rest of the uniform.

RamsHomeUnisThe home uniform features a royal blue jersey that has gold horns on the sleeves and gold numbers that are based on separation of the horn of the logo with a gradiant effect with the numerals starting out gold at the top fading into white at the bottom. The team name RAMS is on the left side of the chest on a blue patch. The jersey can be paired with either gold pants with a bold blue stripe bordered with two thinner white stripes or blue pants that have the same gradiant effect on the stripes as the numerals on the jersey.RamsNewUnisAway

The road uniform is white with white horns  on the sleeves that are barely visible on the jersey outlined in gold with the player’s number on the sleeves in blue. The numerals are in blue with a LOS ANGELES RAMS patch in white is on the left chest of the jersey. The jersey can be worn with the aforementioned blue pants or white pants with one gold stripe going down the side.

What I Like: The metallic blue color of the helmet. 

What I Don’t Like: Everything else! This is quite possibly the worst uniform I have ever seen created for an NFL team. Everything about it is wrong! Why is it that the home uniform doesn’t have sleeve numbers but the away set does? That doesn’t make any sense to me. Also,why is the horn on the away jersey white? I can’t even see it! Why not make it blue or gold? I can see those colors on a white jersey! Also, why is the helmet horn separated? That should’ve been left alone! 

All in all, this uniform was everything that a uniform shouldn’t be. It’s bad enough the team came up with a terrible logo, their uniforms have been made much worse. Cimments I saw online ranged from them being reminiscent of generic “a football team unis you see featured in Best Buy ads promoting big screen TVs or in furniture commercials around Super Bowl time” to “you had one job” to “This is trash, totally trash!”. One of my friends said the looked like IKEA uniforms. I think this era for the Rams in terms of their logo and uniforms being this bad aren’t going to be remembered with fondness, just embarrassment. They were much better off bringing back their uniforms they wore before going to St. Louis.

Thumbs WAY DOWN!!!




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