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Leftovers- The Things That Need to Go in 2020



Not everything made our final 100 this year, here’s a look at some of the that missed the cut for our latest Things That Need to Go list Here, in no particular order, are the items that were left off of this year’s countdown.

SacRiverCatsOakland A’s fans still bitter about the team’s disaffiliation with the Sacramento RiverCats in 2014

This made the list the last few years because there are quite a few A’s fans who are still miffed at this. Fans who are mad that the team disaffiliated the A’s in favor of the Giants in 2014 and the fact that there’s nothing they can do about it. What they don’t realize is that affiliation swaps with minor league teams happen all the time and that this was the RiverCats’ turn to find someone new. That someone new at the time was their crossbay rivals, the San Francisco Giants who were fresh off of their third World Series win in five years.

It’s time to let this one go, A’s fans. Your team is better than the Giants right now and beyond that, the affiliation with the RiverCats is just like your ex-girlfriend, it’s not coming back and is just not that into you.

NoseHairExtensionsNose hair extensions

This didn’t make the list not because the idea of it is disgusting, because it is, but because I never knew if the trend was true or not.

Don’t get me wrong, something like this is definitely worthy of putting on the list because of how stupid the idea is and the comical value of it. However, with not knowing if it was such a true trend and never once seeing it while out in public, it just didn’t seem right to have it on there and I wanted nothing to do with creating a false narrative of it being a trend if it really wasn’t one. If any of you have seen this grossness on someone, let me know in the comments below!


The Lions and Cardinals played their way to a 27-27 tie in Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season.

Ties in the NFL

I think this has made the list before and while I would like to see games in the NFL that end in a tie be done away with, I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

Why? Because games are already long enough as it is and to have two teams battle it out in multiple overtimes and prolong games and put players at risk for further injury is beyond a high priority for team owners as well as the league office and the players association.

Also, how often does this really happen? Maybe once or twice a season at the most. I don’t think this warrants changes to get rid of them. If ties were happening more often than they do, I think you would see massive changes to how overtime is handled and how games are decided when there is no clear winner at the end of regulation.

Not to mention that we had other better items on the list to put on there than this.

KAG.pngAll MAGA hats and KAG hats

We had many things about interim and impeached president Donald Trump on this list as it was and the feedback I have been getting from people is to make it less political as it was getting and while most of us agree that these hats are tacky and the people wearing these are far from the brightest of light bulbs, placing this on the list is just unnecessary.

We all know that these hats are stupid and the message on them means something different, therefore there’s no reason to put this on the list. Also, it’s a free speech issue. If some doofus wants to wear an ugly hat with a slogan on it from some awful politician with bad hair and bright skin, then let them. It’s their right to do it and to let us know who they are right away.

EndZoneCelebrationThe entire team celebrating after an interception

I am gonna get a lot of people pissed off about this one, but I don’t care very much. I think the entire team going into the end zone to celebrate after an interception is played out.

Don’t get me wrong, I am for a good celebration after making a great play, but does it have to be the same one over and over and over again? It’s not original anymore and the players spend way too much time choreographing them despite how unoriginal the idea is.

It missed the list because I didn’t want it to seem like I wasn’t any fun or that this was an overall problem. I do, however, think it’s time to come up with new celebrations. Just a thought!

ClamshellClamshell packaging

Who came up with this awful packaging?

Anytime I want to open up a new shaving razor or a package of baseball cards or really anything in this type of packaging, it takes me a while and it’s beyond frustrating.

I think the most difficult thing is when you try to open something in this packaging and you don’t have a pair of scissors on you, which is usually the best way to get it open or if you do have the scissors and you cut it in the wrong spot.

It’s almost as bad as the wrapping on a new CD.

This didn’t make the list because while frustrating and difficult as this is to open, there is a way to do it, even though it shouldn’t be this hard.

That’s it, that’s the list!

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