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What’s wrong with the Giants? A lot!

The San Francisco Giants end the month of April with a 9-17 record and are now off on their longest road trip of the year that starts in Los Angeles today against the hated Dodgers.

The last game saw the Giants snatch defeat yet again from the jaws of victory in the form

Giants versus Padres

A miserable April is over for Mark Melancon and the Giants. But what will May bring?

of a 5-2 loss in 12 innings before a home crowd on Sunday. The Giants held a 2-0 lead going into the ninth inning when former Giants catcher Hector Sanchez knocked a two-run homer to tie the game 2-2 and in the end the Padres outlasted the Giants, as many teams have done remarkably well this season. Wil Myers’ three-run home run cinched it for San Diego.

From Mark Melancon not performing up to par to Gorkys Hernandez not looking like he knows what he’s doing at the plate or in the outfield most of the month to Madison Bumgarner’s moronic decision to ride dirtbikes on his off day while the season is still going on, to say that April has been a disaster for the Giants has been an understatement.

How bad has it been for them? Well,their 9-17 start is the worst winning percentag for them in that month since the 1983 season (79-83 record). The last time they won a series this season was against Arizona from Apr. 10-12. They also possess the worst record in the National League since they had the best record going into last season’s All-Star break.

“We better start panicking,” Melancon said about the Giants’ awful April. “If we don’t get our act together, it’s going to be ugly. There’s too many good teams out there ready to go after us. This energy level needs to get going. We need to pick up our play, throw quality strikes. We need to figure it out.”

Melancon had his second blown save of the season in the aforementioned ninth inning of the game.

Giants fans,it’s not getting any better. This schedule coming up is a bit brutal. You’ve got the Dodgers today through Wednesday, then three in Cincinnati against a Reds team with a better record at press time, then to New York for three with the Mets who are struggling like the Giants are before coming home on the 11th for the Reds again.

If you thought April was bad, May not bring more relief. If the Giants are going to make a playoff push at all in 2017,they need to start kicking ass in bigger ways than one. Now trying to win 90 games is a tall order at this point, the team would have to go 81-55. Sure,weirder things have happened, it’s the major leagues,anything can happen, but wow,that’s a lot to ask from a team that isn’t constructed well with a front office that didn’t do much to address a lot of the issues that have plagued the team for a while aside from acquiring a closer (a move that has yet to pay off).

The King of Wishful Thinking in me hopes they have a breakthrough May where they win a big majority of their games, but as I just stated,that is wishful thinking to the highest degree. It seems like this season could be a lost one where the team isn’t going to be very good and you may even see a fire sale with some of your favorites going to other teams to contenders. I hope it doesn’t come to that,but this season feels like it fell off that dirt bike along with Bumgarner on an off day in Denver two weeks ago,and that hurts.

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