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Reviewing the Taco Bell Naked Chicken Chalupa

nakedchickenchalupaThursday was the day that Taco Bell unveiled a brand new item. An unusual one,but new to those who weren’t test marketed beforehand. That item is the Naked Chicken Chalupa

Instead of a traditional taco shell,the Naked Chicken Chalupa uses a fried chicken shell that wraps lettuce,tomatoes,and cheese inside,as well as an avocado ranch sauce.

The size of it is a bit questionable,but for what its worth, it does come in a cardboard sleeve (much like the Doritos Locos Taco) which is perfect for saving those tomatoes and lettuce pieces who have left the taco. The portions are even increased with the chicken shell as opposed to your traditional,fragile taco shell.

The chicken itself is fried and marinated and to be honest,it doesn’t even taste fried. It actually tastes like a healthy alternative item for Taco Bell because it’s not a heart attack in a bag with extra grease (like the KFC Double Down).

I had one of these yesterday and got it with the Big Box meal and I was absolutely impressed. It had a lot of taste and the tomatoes,lettuce,and the bold,spicy avocado ranch sauce tied it all together with the shell of chicken around them. I was a bit worried that it might be an aforementioned heart attack in a bag/shell, but it is far from that. It’s actually a very delicious item.

For $3.19, it’s good,I wish it was a little cheaper,but I get it,it’s Taco Bell,and it’s a special item that may not be on the permanent menu anytime soon. You might want to go and get one because Taco Bell is known for extremely limited time menu items. Waste no time and get it! It’s that good!

Thumbs Up!


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