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The Best Things About 2016

The worst is behind us now and we’ve saved the best for last. These are The Best Things About 2016. Sure,this list was super hard to compile because of how atrocious the year really is and has been,but we managed to get 10 items on this list. So,here we go with the list. This list is meant for entertainment purposes just like the lists that have preceded this one and is meant to be taken semi-seriously.

espnfantasy10. Me making the playoffs in fantasy football

I made it to the fantasy football playoffs this year for the first time in forever and I’m absolutely ecstatic about that. Sure,I was in three leagues and only made it to the playoffs in one league,but I’m glad I was able to make it over there because of the poor start I got off to. Not only did I make the playoffs,I made it to the championship round and as of press time have one round to go and if I win this coming week, I will have my first ever championship for fantasy football. It’s been a long time coming for me to even make a championship round and I’m glad that time came in 2016.


crystalpepsi9. Crystal Pepsi came back

Crystal Pepsi made its way back into my life after a 22-year absence. Sure,it wasn’t for very long and by September it was pretty much gone from my region,but I got to have one for the final time this year on my way to Disneyland in October (more on Disneyland later).

It was great to feel like a kid again enjoying a beverage that wasn’t very popular when it first came out and came back with a bang. Sometimes all you need in this world is a second chance and Crystal Pepsi finally got one.

NBA: Finals-Cleveland Cavaliers at Golden State Warriors8. The Cavaliers winning the NBA Finals

It was nice to see a city like Cleveland get its due and break a long curse of not winning a championship for so long. The 2016 Cavaliers delivered for their fans and their city against the Warriors,a team that was touted as the next great dynasty,and won it all in seven games,sending Warriors fans home to cry about their team getting robbed and the series being rigged.

The LeBron James block on Andre Iguodala symbolized what the series meant to the city and a region who,let’s face it,needed a win. After all,most of these people are Browns fans for crying out loud. Not only that,but for those of us who are sick and tired of hearing how great the Warriors are it was even sweeter to see the Cavs win it!

pokemon_go_logo7. Pokemon Go

So there are probably a bunch of you who will make fun of me for putting this on here,but I have enjoyed playing Pokemon Go.

For one thing,it gets me out of the house from time to time to get some exercise,something I need at this point in my life since I’m at the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life. Also,it’s fun to play a game like this where you have to find these little Pokemons.

The only thing that bugs me is that I can’t catch a Snorlax. Finding a Snorlax for me is like finding love,it’s nearly impossible. In any case,I’m enjoying the game and will play it as long as it gets me going.
davechappellesnl6. Dave Chappelle hosting SNL

For years I have listed Chappelle as one of the Things That Need to Come Back and this year,he did.

The Saturday after the election was when Chappelle hosted Saturday Night Live and he was the comic relief many of us needed.

From the election sketch with Chris Rock to the many characters he brought back from Chappelle’s Show in the Walking Dead sketch to even the breastfeeding sketch,it was one of the funniest SNLs I have seen in a long time and it was all Dave.

I hope they let him return to host again and I hope he does it. He was incredible!

5. Dick Van Dyke’s dance moves

Earlier this year,ABC aired a special on the 60th anniversary of Disneyland and in it was the great Dick Van Dyke.

Not only was Van Dyke in the special,but he was dancing in it. The impressive thing about it is that he is in his 90s now. The guy is that age and still getting it done with his dance moves from Mary Poppins.

I’m almost 35 and have trouble not hurting my back on the way to the shower in the morning. Clearly Van Dyke is doing something right in his life that he needs to share with me.

bidenmemes4. Joe Biden Memes

Much like Dave Chappelle, these memes starring Joe Biden were and are absolutely hilarious.

If you haven’t seen them,chances are you’re an Amish person who has stumbled upon this website for the first time by accident, if so,welcome!

The memes portray Biden as a child who’s up to no good and has many ideas on how to sabotage the White House before Donald Trump moves in. The best part about these memes is that the more they do them,the funnier they are and I hate that they might end once the current administration leaves.

berniesanders3. Bernie Sanders

If there was a positive in this election,it’s that there actually was one person I did want to vote for,and I did. Twice.

Bernie Sanders was the only candidate continuously focused on issues of real people throughout his campaign. Not only that,he was influential in getting his message out to a certain voting demographic that’s difficult to reach, young voters/millienials.
Sanders,who was considered a longshot, ended up winning 22 states in the primaries, but ultimately came up short in getting the nomination even though he was projected to beat Donald Trump in the general election by a double-digit margin had he been the nominee.

I honestly wish we had more people like him in office who are genuine and care about issues that matter most to people and the people themselves. It was refreshing to see what a real presidential candidate looks like and it was a shame that he wasn’t given enough of a chance by the establishment as well as the American people. We missed out on a once in a lifetime candidate.

disneyland11162. Disneyland (twice)

Yes,of course Disneyland is making the list again. And why not? It’s a fun place to be at. So fun I did it twice.

My first visit was in February right after my birthday and most of it was a solo trip. It was fun,but it’s a lot more fun to be there with somebody. I did get to experience the single rider line and was able to get on to Radiator Springs Racers in 30 miinutes.

My second and final trip of the year was in October during Halloween and the weather was much better than the previous October. My friends and I met several Star Wars characters and there was even a Gwen Stefani sighting. I also met a lot of Disney princesses along with my friend Mike and he got their autographs.

I honestly can’t wait for the next trip. It’s always around the corner!

tjmelody1. I became an uncle

On March 25, my niece Melody was born and our family got bigger and better. She was actually born a month early,but she was more than ready to meet us and vice versa.

She is absolutely an adorable little baby and whenever my brother or my sister-in-law post a picture of her or a video of her doing something cute and adorable it really makes my day no matter how good or bad it’s going.

My only wish is that my father was still alive to be a part of this, he would have loved being a grandfather and him not being here with us physically during all of this breaks my heart as well as the rest of us. But I know that,wherever he is, he is happily smiling and proud of my brother and my sister-in-law for bringing such a great kid in this world.

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