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Things Everybody Else Loves That I Hate-Summertime

Here it comes, everyone’s favorite season, summertime. I’m here to tell you how unhappy I am about this terrible season being upon us. Why you ask? Let’s run it down!

-It’s too damn hot outside
What is so great about a 108 degree day? Not a hell of a lot in my opinion. If I have to go somewhere in the car, I have to wait until the car cools down and I drive a black car which takes longer to do so. I have also suffered from exhaustion from the heat many times throughout my life. I was once hospitalized at age eight for dehydration. Oh,and wearing eyeglasses is a bitch this time of year,especially if they’re plastic like mine. The only good thing about the heat is finding a way to cool off to escape it so it feels like you’re in my favorite season,winter!

Though I haven’t been burnt since 2007 (I use a lot of suntan lotion on my head  if I am out, don’t go outside much during the summer, or just tan really well), sunburns suck. The last really bad one I had came in the form of a 109 degree day at Lake Berryessa, CA. All of us who went that day were badly burnt, I looked like a lobster and had a burn on my shoulders which hindered my work performance the next day. Since then I have kept my shirt on when going on water trips, it’s better this way and with age I am getting chubbier in the belly region and that ain’t going away anytime soon no matter how much wishful thinking goes into that.

-The lack of energy I get during the season
It feels like I have a hell of a lot more energy during the wintertime than I do the summertime. I can be pretty active and spry in December,January and February. By the time May hits, I am just crashing by 1:30pm some days and I fall asleep. I also get depressed the most during the summertime. I think it has something to do with the hot temperatures just leaving me drained. When it’s hot outside, I have barely any energy to really function. I try,but it’s hard. Whether you believe it or not, this season is a tiring one.


-I can’t bundle up
I’ll admit it, the best thing about winter for me is getting to bundle up. I love getting to wear my sweatshirts and my beanies and the occasional scarf. It’s actually how I can stay warm at home without a heater. In the summertime, those opportunities are few and far between. I got to wear my sweatshirt when I went to San Francisco for a Giants game with my friend Josh, but that’s because it’s usually cold in that city anytime of the year and part of the day featured some rare June rain. Other than that, I have to wait until damn near October to bust out my winter gear. I can’t wait that long!

I know there’s nothing I can do about the weather this time of year,but it doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it,because I don’t or can’t. All I can do to pass the time is look at pictures of winter, sit beneath a fan, or just constantly remind myself that it’s coming sooner than I think. I am,after all,the king of wishful thinking.

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  1. OMG! You described my disdain for this wretched season so well! I loathe summertime. I too feel drained of all life during these horrid months. I despise being forced outside by some blithering sun lover to enjoy the so called wonderful weather. I am miserable when I am sweating off my makeup and my hair is getting frizzy from the humidity. People are always telling me that it is mind over matter….but I can tell you that the terrible stomach disruptions I feel when I am forced to be in the hot sun is not my imagination. Not to mention the sun burns. All ywar I dread summer….and while it is plaguing us….I long for late autumn when it is finally getting cool enough for me to come to life again. Every summer is the summer of my discontent. May our summer be short.

    • I wrote the comment below about this time last year. It is about this time each year that the shear misery sets in and I start wishing the next several months of my life away just to get to cooler temperatures. I could handle the heat much better if not for this dreadful Georgia humidity. It is so clammy and gross. Once again, it is the summer of my discontent.

  2. Thanks for both comments. Yeah,it has not been the most pleasant of seasons,but I am surviving somehow. On the 4th of July I helped out working a fireworks booth and it was 111 degrees that day. It was so unbearably hot during the week we did the booth but we came away with pulses when it was all over. There are things I do to combat the heat when I need to, but it still makes me wish cooler temperatures were on their way.

  3. I hate the heat. It changes the way I feel, leaves me much more drained, sticky, and uncomfortible, and it seems to change other people’s attitides all around me too. Other people’s attitudes always seem to get more intolerant, irritable, and just plain ruder. I even start noticing these changes in the springtime when we get our first days in the 70s or around 80 degrees. I start badly missing those chilly, cool winter days where everybody just seems more mellow, laid back, and simply nicer. In colder weather, I also feel more energized, relaxed, and comfortible. It doesnt matter how cold I get, I can warm up for a few minutes (such as sitting by heater or whatever) and Ill immediately feel better. When I’ m overheated after a hot day, I could do a dozen things to cool off (such as cool shower, sitting in a/c), and I’ll still feel drained and run down. Happy time of year for me: November when the cooler time of year is just beggining. Worst time: April when warmer time of year is just beggining.

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