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Reviewing the Orange Dum Dum Pop

Earlier this year, The Spangler Candy Company, which makes the ever popular Dum Dum Pops, decided to drop the Tangerine flavor and in its place brought back an original flavor. It just so happens to be my favorite color as well,it’s orange!
The last time Orange was in a bag of Dum Dums was back in October of 2000 when they (along with Lemon and Sour Apple) were dropped in favor of Orange Cream, Fruit Punch,and Buttered Popcorn (all of which are no longer in existence).
I was actually pretty ecstatic about this because the Tangerine flavor wasn’t very good. It left my throat and my mouth dry following the consumption of the lollipop. When the flavor started to reach stores here on the West Coast, I said I would review the flavor like I did the Savannah Blueberry flavor last year, and here we are.
I had a lot of hope that this wouldn’t be like the Tangerine flavor nor would it be the same flavor as Tangerine disguised as Orange and I was right. This flavor is a lot better. My mouth and throat aren’t left dry like the Tangerine flavor did. Thank you,thank you,thank you, Spangler for bringing this flavor back. I only ask you now to get it together and release the Bacon flavor, which as of press time is leading in the future flavors poll at the Dum Dum Pops website.
How can I not like these? It’s impossible, so here it is, the Thumbs Up!

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