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The Worst Things About 2016

The year is almost over and there were a lot of bad things about it and I have to say that it was a hard task for me to whittle it down to 10,but alas I was able to make it work. Here now are the worst things about 2016! This list is meant for entertainment purposes just like the lists that have preceded this one and is meant to be taken semi-seriously.

clinteastwoood10. Clint Eastwood didn’t talk to any furniture at the RNC

Remember when Eastwood was talking to an empty chair at the 2012 Republican National Convention? Remember how funny that shit was? Yeah,I kinda wanted to see him do that again and he did not.

I was thinking that maybe for a sequel he would bring out a loveseat or an ottoman or even a divan with nobody sitting on it and have a conversation with it,but it was not to be.

I was quite disappointed that any sort of furniture talk with Eastwood never happened, it honestly would’ve made the already comical convention even more hilarious! Instead,he left many of us wanting more. After all,everyone loves a good sequel.

Actress Lena Dunham arrives for Glamour Magazine's "Women Of The Year" event in New York9. Lena Dunham

The star of some show I’ve never seen called Girls, Lena Dunham, seems like a pretty awful person.

Her ridiculousness includes claiming that she wishes she had experienced having an abortion to suggesting that all white men “should go extinct” to backtracking on her vow to move to Vancouver if Hillary Clinton lost the election.

Also,I don’t understand her appeal. What exactly is it? She’s annoying and also not that good looking,I have no interest to watch the show she’s on and she seems like one of those people who is liberal for the sake of being liberal. She’s one of the ones who needs a safe space to cry in because of how the election went.

And really? White men should go extinct? What’s the matter with you? That makes you look like a self-loathing white person.
I wish I had her on The Things That Need to Go in 2017 list because she’s that bad.

i80acrossthetop8. The endless I-80 construction in No. Sacramento

The construction of Interstate 80 in Sacramento is and has been going on for years now and it’s not only been a mess,but the freeway itself has been absolutely undriveable. There were the two lanes that were blocked off by the other two lanes and it was very confusing and took forever.

Most of the work is done and my friend who suggested we put this on here said that it hasn’t gotten any better. I’ll take her word for it since my East-West freeway going in and out of Sacramento is Highway 50.

I absolutely hated going down this freeway when I absolutely had to and did everything I could do avoid that mess of a road. I think that the idea was conceived very poorly and it was way too inconvenient for most people to even drive on that stretch on the road. It made I-5 in Stockton,which has been under construction since the Spanish Armada, look finalized.

kanyetrump7. Kanye West
Let’s face it,most of us really don’t like this guy,and if you were one of the people who actually did, you eventually found a way to dislike him,too. Especially if you went to go see him in concert.

At his November 2016 concert in San Jose,he exclaimed how much he loved Donald Trump and had he even bothered to vote that he would’ve voted for him,he shortly left the stage after that. Two nights later in Sacramento he was an hour and a half late in starting the concert, played only two songs, went on a tirade and then left.

Refunds were offered to people who attended and got tickets from the box office,but the real question is why anyone would support a man who shows up late to work, plays two songs,and splits.

haley-and-andy6. Haley and Andy breaking up on Modern Family and in comes the creepy old weatherguy

This entry more than anything is for me,a longtime Modern Family fan who was disappointed that Haley Dunphy and her boyfriend Andy Bailey,played by Adam Devine,broke up and in came a weather guy named Rainer Shine as Haley’s new boyfriend. Shine is at least 20 years older than Dunphy and it seems to have turned off the audience who was more than happy to see her character with Andy.

We know that Devine has had his star rise since his time on Modern Family with star film roles and even his work on Workaholics, but the writers and producers could’ve at least made the relationship a long distance one rather than giving her character a love interest who is obviously robbing the cradle.

Rumour has it that Devine will return at some point as Andy,but it is unknown if the two characters will be a couple again. Here’s to hoping they will!

casilla465. CATCH-ALL: Santiago Casilla and the 2016 San Francisco Giants

At the All-Star break,the Giants were looking like a team that might be continuing their even year magic as they had the best record in baseball.

Once they came back from the break,the team fell flat and had a major collapse. Add to that the front office doing very little to improve the team at the trade deadline other than bringing over Matt Moore from the Rays, the Giants didn’t look like the team they were in the first half.

While the Giants did make it to the postseason and won the wild card game against the reigning National League champions,the New York Mets, they did fall short of their goal to win a fourth championship in the decade in the NLDS to the eventual champions,the Chicago Cubs.

The poster boy for the woes of the Giants was Santiago Casilla. Casilla blew nine saves that season while the team led the league in blown saves and nothing was done to remedy the situation by the trade deadline. In the offseason the Giants signed former Nationals closer Mark Melancon to fill that spot.

tb124. Tom Brady’s suspension upheld

One year after a judge rightfully eliminated Tom Brady’s terrible suspension for the bogus “Deflategate” scandal, another judge upheld it and Tom Brady served it.

The result? The Patriots went 3-1 and are still favorites to hoist the Lombardi trophy in Houston this coming February.

It’s clear that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has a big time vendetta against Tom Brady,either that or he feels the pressure from fans to do something about him to make good with them since he is and has been a terrible commissioner,but I think it’s the former.

I’m so glad this stupid suspension is over and I hope that Goodell has to give the Lombardi to Brady as well as the Super Bowl MVP trophy just so I can see him squirm while doing it. Oh,that would be glorious!

warriorsfans33. Golden State Warriors fans

Honestly,when it comes to Warriors fans, I’ve found it hard to take them seriously. Keep in mind, this is a fan base that before they were good was very supportive of them. Now that they’re world beaters and shoot nothing but threes, they’ve had fans formerly of teams like the Lakers and Kings who have latched on a winning product because their teams don’t provide that anymore. It’s those fans that give the overall fan base a bad name.

When I’m hearing that the fans are whining that the NBA Finals are “rigged” against their team,it makes me shake my head and is infuriating. Child,please!

If that was the case they wouldn’t have won a title the season before nor would they have won 73 games that season. And it’s not just the Finals they complain about, it’s every game that the team loses.

I think that these fans need to start realizing that the league isn’t against them and that not every game is going to be a win. No team will ever go 82-0 and if you think otherwise,you’re a fool.

16deaths2. Countless celebrity deaths

This was not a good year for celebrities staying alive in 2016. From David Bowie to Alan Rickman to Prince to Muhammad Ali to Gene Wilder to Florence Henderson to Alan Thicke to Craig Sager to George Michael, 2016 certainly took a lot of great celebrities and personalities away from us.

It made you wonder who was next and if one of your favorite famous person who might be up there in years was next to go. Hell,we still have five more days left in this year and I’m still worried.

I know that celebrities are people just like you and me, but we lost a lot of great people who were not only entertaining but also good at what they did that will be sorely missed

angrycheetoman1. CATCH-ALL: The 2016 election  and Donald Trump winning

I know I’ve touched on this a lot in other lists this year,but if you thought this election was everything one should be, then you’ve probably either never participated before or you’re just that messed up.

This election sucked. Not only did we get two awful candidates,but the worst one won. Not that I would’ve wanted Hillary Clinton to win, because I didn’t, but how in the fuck did a guy who has awful hair, doesn’t give a shit about working class people,and who said that he grabs women “by the pussy” and that he “doesn’t even wait” for consent win like he did?

A guy a follow on Twitter who is an Oilers fan and from Southern Alberta tweeted that the U.S. election was “a joke” and that “that morally bankrupt nation got what it had coming.”

I agree with him to an extent in a sense that, to quote Peter Griffin “That happened and we let it happen.”,we had the power to elect the right people to lead our country and we declined. Instead,we plugged our nose and voted for who thought was the lesser of two evils and it shouldn’t be that way. I also think we have some work cut out as far as what we value morally,but I don’t think we’re bankrupt in that department.

If this election taught me anything, it taught me that towing the party line is the wrong way to go and that voting your conscience and voting for people who fight for what you believe in is more important and the right thing to do. I only wish the majority of people came to that realization,too.

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