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Reviewing Crystal Pepsi

crystalpepsiIt’s been said that if you wait long enough for something to come back,in time,it usually does,whether it’s fashion, a catchphrase,or in this case,a cult classic soft drink. 

If you weren’t around for it the first time,Crystal Pepsi was initially launched in 1992 when an idea to market a “clear alternative” to  normal colas. In fact, my home area of Sacramento was a test market for it before the nationwide launch in 1993. Initial sales were great,but quickly fell and by 1994 the beverage was pulled off the market. Not a lot of people liked it,but I was one of the few who did. For years and years I hoped that Crystal Pepsi would one day return to store shelves. Twenty two years after it’s brief stint into our lives, it is back and I’m here to review it for you. This is my second review of a Pepsi product this year,the first being 1893.

Yes,that’s right,Crystal Pepsi has come back and actually in one country it’s been back since last month, Canada. It was also revived for a a promotion to go along with the launch of Pepsi’s new signature smartphone app Pepsi Pass. It’s return comes on the heels of Coca-Cola re-releasing Surge in Sept. 2014 (something I didn’t get a chance to try,by the way).

Crystal Pepsi is exactly how I remember it. It’s clear and tastes like a regular murky brown Pepsi, well sort of. It doesn’t taste exactly like a regular Pepsi,but it’s pretty close. It does contain high fructose corn syrup,which by the way is something I’m not a fan of because it’s not good for you and has actually made The Things That Need to Go list before, but for the purposes of releasing this product again,I get it. It does have something the original Crystal Pepsi didn’t: caffeine. The drink was reformulated with both ingredients.

If you are planning on trying this,I’d advise you not to wait around,the release of this product is an eight week trial and can be found at participating retailers. I myself found it at a local convenience store and I’m sure you will find it as well and that you will find it to be as tasty as I do.

Thumbs Up!



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