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It’s because he plays for the Warriors

It’s starting to become apparent to me that the actions of Warriors forward Draymond Green this offseason have nearly given him a pass and I think its solely because he plays for the Golden State Warriors.DeMarcus Cousins, Draymond Green

In the last two months,Green has kneed two different players in the nuts three times before he finally got popped for it by missing Game Five of the NBA Finals (a suspension that was long overdue,in my opinion),has slapped a guy who happens to play for his collegiate alma mater and has sent pictures of his penis for all the Snapchat world to see (and the rest of the world for that matter).

I’m beginning to wonder if he played for a different team,particularly one that’s about 90 miles to the east of them, would he be getting the same kind of low level discipline that he receives now as a member of the Golden State Warriors.

Let’s look at the bad rap that the big man for that team,the Sacramento Kings,gets. DeMarcus Cousins gets vilified time and time again for his behavior on the court,and while that’s at times been justified, what doesn’t get mentioned is his character off the court and how positive that is.

Say what you will about Cousins, you have to give him credit for never once asking out of Sacramento at any point in the six years he has played for the team, that he actually does want to keep his talents in the Capital City, that he wants to see this thing through. I admire that about him a great deal. Aside from that,he cares a lot about this community. He recently held a free basketball clinic at Sacramento High School that allowed kids who wouldn’t have a chance otherwise to attend any other camp (cough,Steph Curry,cough). He also funded the funeral to Jaulon Clavo,a Grant High football player who was slain just hours before a game last fall. How many times has ESPN mentioned those kinda things on air? I’m willing guess not that many times,partly because nobody outside of Sacramento County cares about the Kings and also the stories are way too positive. They just want to know if he (Cousins) isn’t getting along with his teammates or coach of the team.

Green on the other hand because of the team he plays for is free to go about kneeing opponents in the nuts, slapping Michigan State students and Snapchatting his dick and nobody seems to be disgusted with it. Not even his own team is commenting on what’s happened nor has any discipline come down from the league office. I guess that’s how things are when you’re a member of the Warriors. It makes me wonder what,if anything,would get Green in trouble as a member of the current NBA team he is on. I also wonder if he was a Sacramento King if he would get suspended for everything he’s done since the Finals wrapped up.

I guess when you win,special treatments go a long way. A terrible lesson for kids to learn and even emulate if you ask me. I think the NBA as well as the rest of the professional sports world changes the way they do things as far as disciplining their players for stupid things that they’re doing and they’ve got a long way to go.

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