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Reviewing 1893

What is 1893,you ask? Well,I’ll tell you.1893

Okay,so first a personal story. My niece Melody was born on Mar. 25 and after work that night I traveled to the hospital to go see her,but first I had to pick up some food for my brother and something to drink for myself. Outside of the hospital was a gas station and in it was a strange looking beverage called 1893,so I bought a can and gave it a try.

This is a beverage made by PepsiCo as what’s being called a “craft soda”. The name comes from the year the company was founded. There are two different flavors of 1893, the original cola and the ginger cola. The original cola contains all natural ingredients including premium kola nut extract, sugar, and sparkling water. The ginger cola has the same ingredients but with,of course,ginger. Pepsi is coming out with 1893 as a way to boost sales of soft drinks which have plummeted 20-percent in th last decade and with demand for more natural and healthier options growing,Pepsi introduced 1893.

“We were energized by the food revolution, and inspired by consumer interest in bold and interesting taste combinations,” said  Pepsi Trademark VP of Marketing, Chad Stubbs.

The company also says the drink can be enjoyed as is or can be complimented with a cocktail.

I tried the original cola the night my niece was born and found it to be very enjoyable and tasty,not to mention very sweet. I tried the ginger cola on Monday and I absolutely loved it. I’m a fan of ginger-flavored drinks as many people know and found this to be really good and really tasty. If you’re wanting to try one, good luck finding some because I’ve had quite the chore of trying to find it. Sure,it’s just come out and it will probably come out gradually,but as of press time,this is kinda hard to find. If you do find it, let me know where you did by contacting me on Facebook,Twitter,or Instagram.

A Thumbs Up from me for 1893!


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