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Together, We’re Slumping

Brandon Crawford

Brandon Crawford hits into a triple play against Washington on Jul. 29,2016

After the Giants’ latest loss to the Washington Nationals on Friday night,a game that included a 3-3-5 triple play executed by Washington (an MLB first), it’s clear that the Giants’ seemingly never-ending slump is ongoing with many disappointed,dejected,and depressed fans continuing to hope it ends soon,or at some point,whichever comes first.

The Giants since the All-Star break are 2-11, the very worst streak since returning to action on Jul. 15 in all of baseball. This is after the team having the best record in all of baseball to close the first half. Fans everywhere,myself included,just want something,anything positive to happen for this team like a player coming over via a trade to help this team out,and while they did trade for Eduardo Nunez on Thursday, I think this team needs to address their true needs instead of adding extra infielders for some reason.

But the Giants aren’t the only ones who are in a bad slump, in fact,one of their fans is in a pretty bad one as well. You may know this person, in fact this person is someone you might know very well whose work you’ve probably read from time to time.


It seems as though my slump coincides with the Giants’ current streak and it’s pretty much lasted the last couple weeks,aside from a few bright spots where I thought things were finally turning around. I have had several plans fall through with friends and various others which I was very much looking forward to, I have had people suddenly just stop contacting me for whatever reason,not to mention being flat out ignored by several people I try to talk to whether its by phone or text or even on social media. Also,viewership has been way down at this very site. I feel so invisible.

TJ614It’s also way too fucking hot right now to even be alive and to top things all off, I developed probably the worst thing you can get in the summer time,a cold.

It’s been enough to sink me into a bad depression day after day and despite the way I’ve been feeling,I’ve still made it in to work every day and have pushed through it by doing the best job that anyone can do when they’re not feeling well. Other than that,I have no idea what to do to get out of this slump and get back to how things should be.

I can do what the Giants have been doing as of late, nothing,or I can feel my way through this like I have with previous slumps and bouts of ignorance. With myself and the Giants I wish things would change and get better. I want the Giants to get a reliever who can help us, I want somebody to pick up the phone and shoot a text back to me, I want to see key players come back and produce, I want someone to see what I’m up to for once. Maybe a change of the calendar to August will benefit us both, I’m going to have to wait to see to believe it!

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