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Odds & Ends-Volume 138


We begin this week’s edition of Odds & Ends with the Giants ending their eight game losing streak. sfgiants1

You’re probably wondering what eight-game losing streak since they’ve won two straight and won the series against the Chicago Cubs. I’m talking of course about the Giants’ eight-game losing streak on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball.

I always hated when the Giants played on Sunday nights because as of late they’ve been downright terrible. Prior to Sunday’s night 1-0 victory against the Cubs, the Giants were outscored 41-12 in the eight games they lost on Sunday Night ESPN telecasts and they had last won on Sunday night back on May 5,2013. Something,for whatever reason,was keeping them from winning on Sunday nights where the start time was 5:05pm Pacific time.

Madison Bumgarner raked in the only run of the game,the second straight game where the starting pitcher had a RBI in the game.

I know it’s a weird thing to think that there’s a curse in regards to who televises a team’s game,but when a team loses multiple games on Sunday nights like that, something was up. I think it’s great the Giants got off the Sunday night skid and going forward, it might be great to see the Giants and Cubs play in a postseason series. It may happen!

LincecumTim Lincecum has found a home and it’s with the Angels,and as a Giants fan,I’m completely okay with it.

Lincecum,31,is recovering from hip surgery in September 2015 and has been looking for a team to sign him. Early in the season it looked like the Mariners had expressed interest,but never made a move.

A few weeks ago Lincecum held a showcase in Arizona where 20 teams went to take a peek and see him throw. The teams who wanted him the most were Angels,Giants,and White Sox. The Angels were the winners in the sweepstakes,offering him a one year,$2.5 million deal.

I’m honestly happy for Lincecum. While I hoped for him to return to the Giants, I’m glad he’s getting his wish to be a pitcher in a starting rotation so that he is able to prove that he has something left following having degenerative hips. He deserves it and he happens to be on a team that needs starting pitchers.

It’s becoming clear to me that Draymond Green might very well be the dirtiest player in the NBA.

Green reacts to receiving a flagrant foul after kicking Steven Adams of Oklahoma City in the groin in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals

Green reacts to receiving a flagrant foul after kicking Steven Adams of Oklahoma City in the groin in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals


In Sunday’s Game 3 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder, Green delivered a kick to the crotch of Thunder center Steven Adams. Green was assessed a flagrant-1 foul while fans in Oklahoma City were chanting “kick him out”.

It wasn’t the first time Green had committed such an act to Adams. In the previous game, Adams had been kneed in the groin by Green. Earlier in the year,Green had tackled opposing players like Marcus Smart of the Celtics and Michael Beasley of the Rockets.

The incident is likely to be reviewed by the league and punishment may come as early as Monday. In Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Cleveland forward Dahntay Jones delivered a punch to the groin of Toronto center Bismack Biyombo and was handed a one-game suspension for the act.

I think Green should be given that same suspension. For far too long he’s been pushing the limits as far as he can regarding his status as a dirty player,partly because he is a superstar player on a championship team. Someone needs to made an example of why hits to the groin aren’t okay in the league and since Jones isn’t as big of a caliber player as Green, Green has to be the guy.

NBADraftLotteryThe NBA Draft Lottery took place last week and to the surprise of nobody, the Philadelphia 76ers were the winners. The Los Angeles Lakers will choose second for the second straight year and the Boston Celtics will pick third. Boston receives the pick from the Brooklyn Nets which they acquired when they traded Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce in 2013.

In their seemingly never ending quest to stockpile draft picks and finish last year after year for some reason, the 76ers now have the opportunity to select either LSU forward Ben Simmons or Duke forward Brandon Ingram.

With the 76ers drafting guys like Jahlil Okafor, Joel Embiid (who has yet to make his NBA debut),and Dario Saric (who is playing overseas) and trading for Nerlens Noel from the Pelicans in the 2013 draft, they look to be stronger for the future. I said this last season after they drafted Okafor,however,and they got worse and now here they are drafting first. How much longer is it going to take for “The Process” to work in Philly?

Take it from this Edmonton Oilers fan, drafting first overall and having multiple top picks on your team isn’t all it’s cracked up to me. At some point you’re going to need to find the player you want to build your team around and do it effectively. Only time will truly tell if the 76ers actually execute this task.

As for the Sacramento Kings, they stay put in the eighth position where they were originally slotted and it’s a mystery as to who KingsLogothey might select. Direct team needs are at shooting guard,which for years has lacked stability.

It was thought that when Ben McLemore was drafted by the team in 2013 that he would ultimately be the team’s starting shooting guard for seasons to come. It hasn’t panned out as such and the Kings may need to draft someone at that spot if they can’t shop it to either move up to select a guy like Oklahoma guard Buddy Hield or Providence guard Kris Dunn, hope to God that one of those players falls to them at their current spot,or get an established guard via trade.

Who do I think they’ll select? Well you’ll have to stay tuned for that prediction when my NBA Draft Preview is unveiled on Jun. 21 at this very site!

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