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Odds & Ends-Volume 70


san_francisco_giantsIt’s time to say it. Unless the San Francisco Giants make some major changes anytime soon, this team is done. Period.

Not too long ago they held a nine and half game lead in the National League West. Today,it has dwindled to a tie with the hated Dodgers. It is easy to pinpoint the problem and it lies with the entire team. The starting pitching isn’t getting the outs they need to get wins. The bullpen is giving games away to the point where their All-Star closer just lost his job as the closer. Let’s not forget that this team can’t hit it’s way out of a fucking paper bag with a blindfold on. I think the lack of offense is absolutely killing this team and it starts with their hitting coach.

I never like to call for the jobs of people,but I am sorry, Hensley “Bam Bam” Meulens needs to be relieved of his duties as hitting coach of the San Francisco Giants. It is and has been clear to me that for most of his time as the Giants’ hitting coach that he is not getting the job done. The main reason he has been allowed to stay in his current position is because of the team winning two World Series. That’s mainly about it.

It finally looked like the team was finally a great team offensively during the first two months of the season. After a 10-16 record in the month of June, they are looking like the Giants of old. I don’t give a shit who is hurt or who the fuck isn’t playing for whatever reason. What about the guys who are playing on the field? Why aren’t they producing? When are they going to get their heads in the game? Why does this team look like they aren’t trying?

I know, there are 80 games left,but this team is letting any chance of a great season become more and more of a mirage after every loss they pile onto their record. I’ve seen this movie before, Giants fans, and so have you. The name of it was 2013. Brian Sabean needs to wake the fuck up and know that if you don’t learn from history, chances are you are doomed to repeat it and right now, that’s what this team is doing, Fix it,holy shit!

Meulens needs to go and who should replace him? I don’t know, how about a guy who patrolled left field for this team for 15 seasons with 762 career home runs? I’d like to see that guy instead of the one who had a lifetime batting average of .219.

Are LeBron James, Dwyane Wade,and Chris Bosh doing the right thing by opting out of their contracts a year early? I think they are.HeatBig3

The message these guys are sending to the Miami Heat is that we will stay here and do so at a lesser price if you’ll just fix this damn team and the anemic bench we’ve had.

It’s no secret that the Achilles heel of that team has been their less than stellar bench. It wasn’t the worst bench, but not the most impressive for a team that’s been the Eastern Conference champions four straight years. I have little doubt that these guys won’t re-sign in South Beach because as I’ve stated before, together they’re better. If all three were to go their separate ways it wouldn’t be very good for either of them. Was Scottie Pippen better off in Houston or Portland? Not really. It would play out the same way for all three of these guys. It’s best if they came back and added some pieces to their bench and their line-up that would get them back to the Finals.

IsaiahAustinStaying with basketball, the NBA did something really special for a young man who will not get a chance to live his dream of playing professionally, they drafted him.
Baylor’s Isaiah Austin, who days before the draft was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects the body’s connective tissue. After his diagnosis,

Austin’s doctors said that he could no longer play competitive basketball which I’m sure devastated him as he was slated to go in the first round of Thursday’s draft.
NBA commissioner Adam Silver did something very touching, he called his name on stage as an honorary draft pick. Austin tearfully walked on stage as he was given a rousing ovation from the crowd in Brooklyn.

“We wanted to make sure that he fulfilled at least this part of his dream,” Silver said at the ceremony.

I thought it was a sweet gesture for the league to do that for Austin. It showed that they were aware of how crushed he was that his dream would not be lived out,but that some of it was salvaged by having his name called as an NBA draft pick. I hope this young man can cherish that as he moves on with the rest of his life and I wish him all the best.

In case you have yet to see it,here it is:



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