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Nike needs to stop fixing what isn’t broken with NFL uniforms

Back in 2012, I predicted this would happen and it scares me that I was right about this.

That year was the year Nike took over being the outfitter of all 32 NFL teams with uniforms. That year only the Seattle Seahawks got a makeover to mixed reviews. The following year the Miami Dophins changed their logo from a dolphin wearing a helmet in the bask of sunshine to a tramp stamp that only a 17-year old high school junior would get in the garage of a friend and then changed their uniforms. The Jaguars and Vikings also made changes with the latter team’s uniforms being a success.

This week the Tampa Bay Buccaneers,a team who I felt needed no changes to their uniforms, decided to go full-on ugly with their new set. And by the way,if you think your team is going to be off limits solely because they’ve had a long standing look that’s been working for them for decades, think again.BrownsNike

This week it was announced that the Cleveland Browns,who for decades have had a classic and outstanding uniforms, will be getting the Nike makeover. 

Really? The Cleveland Browns? Are you fucking kidding me? Haven’t those fans been through enough already with the team sucking ass the last decade? I think the last thing those fans need are the beloved uniforms of their favorite team going away.

This is getting out of hand, folks. A lot of NFL teams do NOT need uniform changes. Whatever happened to teams having traditional uniforms? I guess Nike is good at doing one thing with NFL uniforms and that is throwing tradition after tradition in city after city out the damn window.

I like Nike when it comes to shoes,but when it comes to NFL uniforms, they are not making the grade with me or a lot of other NFL fans. In fact,a lot of fans are making fun of teams like Tampa Bay for going with such ugly uniforms. The Browns are now at risk with the same ridicule. I wish NFL fanbases would stand up to their teams,the league,and Nike and say “enough is enough”. This to me isn’t progress,it’s fixing what’s never been broken.



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