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Reviewing the 2014 NBA All-Star Game Jerseys

I am not that big of fan of the NBA All-Star Game to begin with. For one,nobody plays defense or takes it any seriously. All it is is just a bunch of guys lobbing the ball up so the other can dunk it. Secondly, the festivities on Saturday night (Slam Dunk Contest, Three Point Shootout,etc.) are more exciting than the actual game. The All-Star Game will be in New Orleans this year on Feb. 16 and on Friday the uniforms for both conferences were unveiled. 

14NBAMemeJust like on Christmas Day, sleeved jerseys will once again be forced down the throats of fans. The Eastern Conference will be in blue uniforms with green numerals while the Western Conference will wear red uniforms with blue numerals. Each conference will have a fleur-de-lis on the front of the jersey with either a W or an E on it for each conference.

If you read this blog on regular basis (when I don’t have writer’s block as I’ve had lately), you’ll know my continuous hatred of sleeves on NBA jerseys. In my opinion, they have no place in the game and they make the NBA look like a rec-league that had some local sports uniform shop outfit them. The uniforms lack a lot of style and are absolutely ugly. It’s no wonder why this league continues to dwindle in popularity and sleeved jerseys are just another part of the decline of the league.

I just wish we could get back to seeing the teams we know and love in their usual uniforms. I want to see the Lakers in purple and gold, I want the Bulls to wear red and black, and the Celtics to wear green and white. Sometimes tradition just works and the NBA just doesn’t understand that. 

Thumbs Down!




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