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The Worst Things About 2013

Our end of the year lists continue with the worst things that happened this year. I will admit this list was a hard one to put together and I would have asked for help,but all everyone would have said was something about Obama and that is not a real answer (more on that in a moment), so here we go with the list.

AT&T410. The rumour that the Oakland A’s were going to move to AT&T Park

Someone decided to speculate on this back in November where the Oakland Athletics would share AT&T Park with the Giants should they not renew their lease at Oakland Coliseum. Many Giants turned to social media to voice their disgust about this situation because this is their teams stadium,nobody elses,and they want to keep it that way.
This turned out to be a negotiating tactic by Major League Baseball in an effort to get the Giants to release territorial rights to the South Bay so that the A’s can build a new stadium in San Jose once and for all. If giving up those rights so the A’s never have to call AT&T Park home are what it takes to make that happen, I will take it. That rumour was enough to change my mind about this whole situation.

TJ139. None of my sports teams won a title this year

This is only ninth on my list because save for the Giants, I had no faith that any of my other sports teams would be victorious in championships this year. The Patriots lost the AFC Championship Game to the Ravens,which was okay because the 49ers would have boatraced them in the Super Bowl had they played each other. The Giants had a bad season following a World Series sweep in 2012. They had such promise,too,in my opinion, they just forgot to outspend the Dodgers to repeat. The Kings and Oilers I had no real hope for because they both have sucked for many years now. And the Cal Bears,well,what can you say? 1-10 is a bad season and if you can’t recruit,you can’t win.

MileyCyrus8. Miley Cyrus becoming crazy and her awful haircut

What the hell is up with Miley Cyrus? One minute she’s Hannah Montana, the next she has short blonde hair (which looks awful,I might add,and that’s coming from a bald guy) and she makes twerking an actual thing. Not only that,but people are actually doing it, I’ve seen it. With all four eyes.

I think she was on Two and a Half Men for a couple episodes,which by the way became an awful show once Charlie Sheen left in 2011. Miley Cyrus may be having fun in some people’s eyes,but to me,she’s become pretty crazy. Get her some crazy bread,yo!
DoctorWho7. Everyone posting about Doctor Who on Facebook every five seconds

I get it, so many of you like Doctor Who. I am not here to take that away from you, but do you have to post shit about every second of every day on Facebook?

I don’t watch the show myself because,like The Big Bang Theory,it is too smart for me and has potential for it to be difficult for me to follow along (remember,I went to Casa Roble High School). I’ve also heard that to understand the show,you have to watch every season before the current one to get it. Any show that requires that much follow-up is not worth it for me.

But every single moment of the day is “Doctor Who this” and “Doctor Who that”. That gets as annoying as people who post how much they hate Obama (which we will get to shortly). Tone it down a bit,folks. Also,check out Modern Family,that’s a pretty good show,too!

SAD6. My social anxiety

I hate posting about my personal problems like this,but this year was one where my social anxiety was at an all-time high. I wish I knew the cause and I don’t know when I am going to get better. So many things that were easier for me to do,and what may be easy for you,are not anymore. Calling or texting friends, mingling with other people, getting out on weekends are all pretty difficult these days. Even when someone doesn’t call or text you back is frustrating. For me,when that happens, I just decide not to talk to that person and leave the ball in their court.

Having that fear that nobody wants anything to do with you,and this includes friends I have had for over a decade, is not fun. It’s an irrational fear to have and I am aware of that, but it’s also a paralyzing one. Suspending an idea of hanging out with a friend because you’re afraid they are either too busy or just want nothing to do with you has been hard. This is something I hope to overcome someday,but it may be a while before I do.

(By the way,as of press time,this is my wallpaper on my computer at home.)
Snapchat5. Snapchat

Just like Instagram last year, Snapchat has become that thing that young people use as just another mindless app. What the hell is the point of this? Sending a weird picture with a caption underneath it? Mindless,I tell you. Also, everyone uses the same Macaulay Culkin face on it. Beyond that, using this app continues to isolate us as people instead of us being together talking to one another in person.

One more thing,some guys take pictures of their schlongs with that and that’s just wrong.

family-guy14. Family Guy killing off Brian Griffin for a month

In the biggest dick move of the year on television, family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane decided to kill off Brian Griffin,the character he uses his own voice with, and replace him with Vinny,a dog that was on The Sopranos.

In the Nov. 24th episode entitled “Life of Brian”,Stewie and Brian decide they have had too many close calls with his time machine,so he decides to destroy it. After he does,they bought a street hockey net. When Brian was setting it up in the street,a speeding car runs him over and he dies from his injuries. A month later,the Griffins adopt a new dog,Vinny.

After the episode,fans took to social media to beg producers and MacFarlane to bring Brian back. On Dec. 15, he came back in the “Christmas Guy” episode where Stewie sees a past version of himself in a toy store who is there to pick up a toy. He steals his return pad and goes back to the past to save Brian from being killed.

I was not happy with the change Family Guy made because killing off a main character like that is not feasible for the show,it rarely is. The reason being is because the series may quickly die. I am glad Brian is back and the show can go on as per usual.

shuttlesworth3. CATCH-ALL: The NBA becoming a dog and pony show and sleeved jerseys

This year the NBA became more of a complete joke when they introduced jerseys with sleeves and putting nicknames on the back of jerseys in lieu of player surnames,also the threat of sponsors on uniforms is coming. Combine that with horrible officiating that favors superstars, teams never playing any defense,and small market teams not mattering much in the league, the NBA has become a worse league and I am not alone in how I feel about it as ratings for games are down.

It is also why I became more of a hockey fan because in that league small market teams matter more, players stay with teams longer and you aren’t seeing players teaming up and playing together like you do with NBA superteams.

The NBA needs to go back to where it was when it was popular in the 1990s, those were the days.

AntiObamaMeme2. Everyone’s political Facebook posts and politics in general

It made the list last year and it is here again this year.

I get it, so many people are pissed off about who is President,who isn’t President, and who is in Congress and that people are frustrated. But do we have to see it on Facebook every day?

Personally,I think it’s unhealthy to keep worrying about who’s in office all the time. It prevents people from enjoying life and the things that they can control. Hoping that some politician who doesn’t know you will somehow change things for the better for you is a poor way to live. You are in control of you own destiny,not them. I hope you remember that.

Also,politics in general have become terrible. Not only is nothing getting done,but also we as people continue to be divided over our silly political beliefs. If we set those aside for just a minute and realize how alike we all are as people, this country would be a better place to live in and we just might see the goodness in one another.

KimKanyeNorth1. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian naming their baby North West

I apologize for leaving Kanye West off our or Things That Need to Go list. He definitely should have been there for two reasons: his association with Kim Kardashian and her awful family,and his shitty baby naming skills.

Earlier this year,he and his fiance Kim Kardashian (who also sucks) named their daughter North West,quite possibly the dumbest baby name I have ever seen or heard. That is not a name,that’s a direction. And no,calling her Norie is not going to make me forget her real name.

When are these two idiots leaving my sight? Hopefully soon!


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