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The Things That Need to Come Back in 2014

I will be the first to admit this,but this list is nowhere as intriguing as the Things That Need to Go list,but alas we must do it. Here we go…

Donahue10. Actual talk shows

Remember when we had talk shows where people talked about real issues and where intriguing interviews with celebrities and other newsmakers existed?

I miss those days. Nowadays talk shows consist of trailer trash wrestling one another and finding out who the father of some skank’s baby is. It’s pretty sad and it makes me yearn for shows where talk shows featured people talking about real things, not topics like I Have Tried 17 Times to Find My Baby’s Daddy…Here’s Hoping This is the One!

TacoBellFRS9. Taco Bell Fire Roasted Salsa

It has been over a year since Taco Bell ceased production on my favorite Border Sauce of all time and a year later I am still yearning for its return. I still kick myself for not grabbing as many as I could when they stopped making these.

If the mayor of Taco Bell has read this,I hope he grants my wish to bring this back.

BurgerKing8. The Burger King

About a year or two ago Burger King eliminated their Burger King mascot and broke many hearts out there,including mine. Since then, Burger King commercials have not been the same,nor have they been any good. I mean,remember when they had that creepy manager guy who would sing and suck up to paid celebrity endorsers? I do and I hope he never comes back. He is the Vinny Griffin of burger commercials.

Somebody please bring back the King. Sure,he was creepy (at times),but he was necessary.

CosbyJell-O7. Bill Cosby doing Jell-O commercials

I miss Bill Cosby doing Jell-O commercials. It has been about 20 years since he has done one and part of why television is not as good as it once was is because Cosby stopped advertising for Jell-O.

Do you ever wonder why when so many people do Bill Cosby imperonsations they have to include Jell-O in the impersonation? It is because those commercials were so memorable,not to mention hilarious. Beyond that,who knows how much longer Cosby is going to be alive, we need to get him back in a Jell-O commercial.

GQ Men of The Year, 8th Annual6. Dave Chappelle

Next year will mark a decade since Dave Chappelle walked away from his highly successful sketch comedy show on Comedy Central and I still miss the guy. He never failed to make me laugh during the mid-2000s and when he left,part of me died. Not to mention that Chappelle leaving made way for that crapbag Carlos Mencia to be on that network. Mencia was not funny and he only made me miss Chappelle even more.

5. People calling other people “Home Skillet”

Once upon a time people used to call one another “home skillet”. I miss that, let’s bring that back! Please?

pogs4. POGs

This was a wonderful part of my childhood back in the mid-1990s. We used to play with these a lot and would purchase them from Quik Stop and have tournaments in our friend’s garages. Sadly,a lot of schools banned these because it became a form of gambling (I never did, but I knew others that did).

I think it is a terrific game and one that needs to be brought back. Who knows? Maybe we can get the kids to put down their XBox controller for once and play.

Shaggy3. Shaggy

I miss this guy! A staple in late-90s and early 2000s pop music, his music made people happy,brought joy to the world,and made us wonder what the hell he was saying.

I hear his music on some of the pop stations here in town and it makes me wonder where he went, what happened to him,and when he will come back. Let’s make 2014 the year Shaggy comes back.

BBrothersBlog2. Longer BBrothersBlog videos

I love my friends,the BBrothers. I love their videos. But lately their videos have been super short. It used to be a five-minute time limit for their videos,and I am sure it still is,but the past few months have seen shorter videos and fewer appearances by the BBrothers themselves in the videos.
It makes me wonder if they are running out of steam or have better things to do than to make a longer video. If they are running out of challenges, I have one: Make a video longer than three and a half minutes and actually star in it. Who knows, it might be exciting!
brady1. NFL throwback uniforms

This season,the NFL limited teams to only using one color helmet shell thus effectively ending the use of throwback uniforms for some teams. I don’t know about you,but I like throwback uniforms. Seeing teams in uniforms they once had (and maybe still should have) is pretty cool,not to mention it makes the league a tremendous amount of money with sales of throwback jerseys and other throwback merchandise.

It bugs me that the league is limiting the use of only one helmet color. They claim it is for safety,but it makes no sense. You can make the same equipment with different colors,right? So why can’t teams wear different color helmets,especially when it comes to throwback uniforms?

This is why this was the top spot on our list. Who doesn’t like to throwback?

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